Tip of the month: Save space in your suitcase

When travelling and exploring new destinations, we always want to keep a memoir of the good times we had. This is why we always bring souvenirs that would remind us of the place we visited and experienced. The Gambia has many different souvenirs to offer. Some would last for a short time, some forever. This is why you should always leave some space in your luggage when travelling back because it is very easy to fill up your suitcases with different Gambian-made things.

Must have souvenir is a wooden carving from the Craftmarket. Each town has its own craftsmen who usually offer their art pieces at the markets for the craft. Most famous ones are in Bakau, Senegambia, Banjul and Brikama. But you can find some art pieces almost in every town, especially on the points of interest like Kachikally or James Island. Wooden bowls, figures of African ladies and animals, wurrey, wooden spoons and forks, the choice is vast. You can check some of the wood carvings HERE.

The next must-have are Gambian grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. The Gambia is known for many distinct tastes some of which are baobab, wonjo and moringa. You can easily learn how to prepare a juice from baobab and famous wonjo and buy the main ingredient at the market at a reasonable price to take it back to your home and impress your friends and family with some original tastes, known in the Gambia. Moringa is known as a superfood. It is almost necessary to get some supply which you can use when making smoothies, salad or even tea.

Speaking of tea, you should also consider buying some attaya. If you were mingling with the locals, for sure you were able to participate in the process of making and drinking this popular drink. If visiting the Serekunda market, you are able to find everything you need to prepare it at home and create a bit of a memory that brings you back to The Gambia. A pair of small glasses, a teapot, package of attaya and you are ready to serve it to your next visiter.

The Gambia is also very well known for peanuts. You can buy small packages of raw, roasted, salted or prepared as a cake almost everywhere. It is one of the best snacks and is very affordable. As well as natural peanut butter, which you are even able to go and do by yourself. If you want to know where and how click HERE. Deggeh, as it is called in The Gambia is for sure one of many products to find a place in your suitcase.

What about cosmetics? The Gambia is a perfect place to stock up with shea butter products. There are many companies in The Gambia that offer locally made products but if you prefer, you can also buy shea butter on the market. Most of the visitors prefer processed versions though.

Don’t forget about vivid African-coloured dresses! The choice is yours, whether you want it tailored or already made. Craftmarkets, markets and many shops are the perfect places to look for it.

The best souvenir however will surely be the memories you will keep in your heart. The Gambia is a special place that can never be forgotten. This is the reason you will most likely come back again and again.


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