Tip of the month: Donate books instead of candies

Africa is one of the most beautiful and richly diverse continents on Earth, but it's also the poorest. Around 422 million people live below the global poverty line. As The Gambia is also among one of the poorest countries in the world, many visitors find themselves wanting to help in some way. There are many ways to help, support or change lives, such as volunteering, donating money and things, bringing gifts, education, mentoring, etc.
In this monthly tip, we take a look at the widespread tourist’s habit: buying sweets for children.
The urge to give, share and exchange with those less fortunate than yourself is a positive one and indicates kindness and generosity that the global community needs a lot more of. However, making sure that your gifts or donations are sustainable is an essential part of responsible tourism. The last thing that any well-meaning traveller wants to do is cause more harm than good.
Visitors of The Gambia have been buying sweets for the children for ages. It is deeply rooted in the country. Therefore, don’t be surprised if a child on the street asks you for “mintee”. They are expecting to get candies and lollipops from you. In addition to the fact that this is not healthy, it is also not sustainable. And if you want to make children happy, they will enjoy pencils, colours, exercise books as much as candies. We believe that locals could benefit more from other gifts such as books and other things that you could bring with you in the suitcase.
If you’re interested in benefiting Gambian communities, you can donate books to locals and school libraries. We recommend donating books to the Inspiring young stars organization, which has 24 hours community library and many educational projects. Click here to know more.

If you want to visit a nursery, we invite you to visit Kids Are The World nursery school, Ghana town. Read more here.

Do you want to contribute to MyCharity Projects?

We seek to contribute towards the transformation and development of The Gambia by functioning also as a platform that connects people of diverse origins to the essence of working together for a better world.

If you are thinking how can you add your part, you are in the right place.

My Charity is a place of fundraising campaigns and volunteering opportunities.  

Thinking about how to give back on your holidays or help your favourite destination to develop more?



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