The Viva La Gambia Movement Part IIl

Have you already seen the Viva La Gambia Promotion Video? Click on the video and have a look! We also call it a warm greeting from The Smiling Coast of Africa!
This month we are back with more VIVA LA GAMBIA happiness! Our mission is and will always be to promote The Gambia! Nobody can promote a country like The Gambia better than the Gambia lovers we are! We have joined hands to prepare a warm welcome for you when travelling will get back to normal! Have you heard that The Gambia has changed their entry rules?
Together with different restaurants, hotels, and other tourism related business we are greeting you! Maybe you have already travelled to The Gambia but never visit the places who joined the Viva La Gambia movement or maybe the virtual greetings will remind you of all the beautiful memories you carry with you! Who knows, next time you travel to The Gambia you can stay, eat or do your shopping at their places. Don’t forget: The Gambia is varied holiday destination: Something to do, see or explore for everyone’s taste!
For this month the following have joined the Viva La Gambia movement to greet YOU!

Gusto – Senegambia’s real taste of Italy

In the middle of Senegambia you can find this beautifully decorated Italian restaurant. The passion for cooking splashes off every plate! Whether it is a romantic dinner for two, a meeting or a me-time moment. Gusto is the environment for everyone to feel taken care of!

Find Gusto on all social media accounts or search for

Reo’s Bar and Restaurant – A place to enjoy throughout day and night

REO’S Bar and Restaurant is also internationally known as THE place to watch sports, drink a cocktail or dance till the sun comes up. While the party people are heading home from a night out, REO’S is already preparing a lunch for you! The menu card is extensive, enough to choose from! 

Find REO’S on all social media accounts @reossportsbar

Would you like to know more about the creators of Viva La Gambia? Please check out @Creative360!

We can’t wait to welcome you to The Smiling Coast of Africa!

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