The Viva La Gambia Movement Part II

Have you already seen the Viva La Gambia Promotion Video? Click on the video and have a look! We also call it a warm greeting from The Smiling Coast of Africa!

We told you, we wouldn’t stop with just one video. Last month our first Viva La Gambia movement Part 1 was published. Our mission is to promote The Gambia! Nobody can promote a country like The Gambia better than the Gambia lovers we are! We have joined hands to prepare a warm welcome for you when traveling will get back to normal!

Together with different restaurants, hotels, and other tourism related business we are greeting you! Maybe you have already travelled to The Gambia but never visit the places who joined the Viva La Gambia movement or maybe the virtual greetings will remind you of all the beautiful memories you carry with you! Who knows, next time you travel to The Gambia you can stay, eat or do your shopping at their places. Don’t forget: The Gambia is varied holiday destination: Something to do, see or explore for everyone’s taste!

For this month the following have joined the Viva La Gambia movement to greet YOU!

Forest View – Apartment complex in the heart of Senegambia strip

Looking for an accommodation to stay or buy? Forest view is located in the heart of Senegambia strip. Imagine waking up in a luxury apartment with a swimming pool view, having your coffee while peacefully waking up. At night you can go out for dinner, dancing or just quietly fall asleep after a sunny day. WOW, that sounds like paradise! Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and all booking platforms.

Vibe – Leading fitness centre in The Gambia

Newly rebranded opened gym, before known as Elite Gym. All facilities available to do your work out. A dream for the fanatic on a holiday, but don’t worry if you aren’t as fanatic as your holiday partner. There is also a swimming pool to relax while your holiday partner hits the gym. But maybe tomorrow you can try one of their group lessons. These lessons make working out fun! Find the on all social media accounts!

These are just two who joined the VIVA LA GAMBIA movement after Part 1 already joined last month. Don’t worry, more establishments have and will join the VIVA LA GAMBIA movement. We will get back to you each month with more inviting news…. Would you like to know more about the team behind Viva La Gambia movement? Please follow @creative360gambia (director) or @mr. Feeling (artist).

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Would you like a specific tourism-related business in The Gambia to be part of the VIVA LA GAMBIA movement? Please contact us through: or social media 


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