The super Nawettan season in The Gambia

The word NAWETTAN is a Wolof language meaning (Seasonal tournament). It is the biggest footballing jamboree staged in The Gambia each year during the rainy season. This football carnival is the liveliest, most crowded, and most interesting tournament one will witness in The Gambia. It brings together villages, towns, districts, and regions to compete for the glory. It is organized annually by the Gambia Football Federation with sponsorship from private companies.

The Gambia Football Federation (GFF), which is responsible for the management of football in The Gambia, was founded as The Gambia Football Association (GFA) in 1952, affiliated to the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) in 1961, then affiliated to FIFA in 1968.

The GFF seeks to develop the game at all levels throughout the country and is responsible for the management of the national teams. It is led by an elected president, three vice-presidents, four other elected members of the executive committee, the presidents of all the seven regional football associations, and two co-opted members.
The NAWETTAN is the pinnacle of success for Gambian football as it creates more revenue for the federation than the national league. This summer, football fever grips every football lover in the country, and one cannot resist the feeling of the ecstatic atmosphere it generates. The Nawettan is also the biggest unifying football tournament as it brings communities, villages, and towns to support one big team from their area. The venues are spread across various mini stadiums and football fields, with finals played at the national stadium in Bakau. Tickets are sold at the grounds during match days ranging from 35 GMD to 100 GMD.

It is colourful, entertaining, and one could dance to the beats of the drums as if you are in a cultural bonanza with fans dressed in their colourful attires, beating the drums, and playing music to cheer up their teams. What a way one could enjoy an evening while in The Gambia during summer.

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