The Gambia’s Coast

October issue

Gambia's most beautiful peace at coast.

Kololi is a small area but is a hive of activity, with hotels, a full range of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and a casino and craft market, all within walking distance of each other and the hotels. This is a real tourist area and is located next to a fine beach with golden sand. Sometimes just a simple walk down to the beach can bring unexpected and pleasant experiences.

The long, sandy beach is a place where people enjoy walking, jogging, and exercising. As wrestling is a popular sport here, you might see a group of men training for the wrestling competition. There are also many fruit and juice sellers that offer really delicious, fresh, tropical fruits juices! You should try it when visiting The Gambia!

Many birds can be spotted, when walking along the beach.

But the most magical are sunsets! Sky, sun and sea offer spectacular colours.

Most of the time, you will feel like you have the beach all to yourself.


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