The Gambia through the lens of Milan Njenjić

Milan Njenjić and his better half, Iris Tisler, joined the Travel as a volunteer to The Gambia program in 2018. He volunteered as a photographer and she assisted the local teachers in Mobeta school.
The funny part of their story was that he wasn’t very impressed about joining her on this meaningful travel. He was thinking to stay at home and work. But she dreamed about going to Africa since she was a small child. After all, he decided to join her.
When they arrived, Milan’s suitcase didn’t come with them. An airline company forgot it at Casablanca. He was expected to get his suitcase after one week. He wasn’t happy at all. The only good thing was that his camera was always with him.
After 2 or 3 days in The Gambia, Milan started to enjoy it. He was taking amazing photos and joined Iris in volunteering in a local school. After his suitcase arrived, he realised that he didn’t need half of the things he brought with him. He was grateful and happy. He didn’t want to go back anymore.
They explored the real Gambia, attended the naming ceremony, wedding ceremony, Kartong festival, football matches, and visited local schools, remote villages, orphanage, GTTI, Serrekunda market, craft market, and local barbershop, tailor shop and much more.
Iris and Milan are also sponsoring a girl in The Gambia. They met her family, spend some time with Aisha, spoke to teachers and visited their home.
Due to Corona, they didn’t come to The Gambia this year but we are expecting them back very soon.

Milan took many amazing photos and we are really grateful that he was happy to share them with us in My Magazine.

Enjoy a few of his amazing shots.

Find more info about Travel as a volunteer here.

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