Thank you for the help in building the Watchtower at Bijilo Beach

The Red Dolphin Association watchtower at Zing Bar, Bijilo has been constructed and has been officially handed over to RDA. This alone makes an immediate impact on the safety of bathers in this area.
At this stage, spaces for advertising are available—prices from D12,000 per year. If businesses take this opportunity to advertise, the RDA will use this money to be self-sufficient (providing salaries, maintenance for equipment, training, and much more).
For all businesses out there who want to advertise: All you have to do is create your advert in a durable material to the size. Locations for adverts are at Solomon’s/ New Bailey’s beach bars watchtower (Palma Rima) as well as the new one at amaZING beach bar Bijilo.

For more information about advertising, contact us at

We want to thank all of you who donated. We couldn’t do it without you.

Lifeguards are an essential part of everyday swimming, whether at the beach or poolside. The Red Dolphins Lifeguard Association is a charitable organisation that operates within the developmental tourism areas to sensitise and protect beach and pool users.
The Gambia is divided by the river, and citizens and visitors mostly use the sea. In the Gambia, people frequent the beaches, and most of the locals are non-swimmers. Tourists also fill some of the beach bars but being a good swimmer doesn’t guarantee that an accident will not happen. The Red Dolphins watch the beach users and educate them about the beach state at the visit. Accidents at the beach happen due to ignorance, and the lifeguards are there to ensure swimmers’ safety.
The Red Dolphins are trained in basic first aid procedures in order to prevent or help during any accidents. The organisation is a recognised body in The Gambia, and the lifeguards are certified.

The significant problems this association faces is inadequate rescue equipment which is essential in the job. The rescue equipment is not available in the Gambia. Also, the Covid-19 has had its turn on the organisation since this is where they earn their livelihood.

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More Information

If you want to get involved, volunteer or help them in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact them directly.



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