Suu Beray Culture Point Beach Restaurant

It was another day of discovering new or old places for you. We were driving around Tanji, and we passed Mama Africa Art Center to reach the beach to see if any sites are good enough to camp. We got to a small crossroad and followed the smaller path to reach a lovely but quite vast bar at the beach. At first sight, it looked as if no one was there, but as soon as we approached the main building, made out of wood and grass, coloured in Gambian colours, a friendly young man approached.
He greeted us with a big welcome and, of course, a big smile. We told him who we are and he was welcoming us even more.
From our short conversation, he let us know that the place’s owner passed away not too long ago and that he is now working with his son to keep the business alive. He is not leaving the site for a minute since he is living just next to the bar. We could feel his big passion and love for the place.
Furthermore, we asked about the opening hours. The answer was anytime, anytime. I am here.

Although Covid kept away some of the tourists that used to come there, many people are coming to the place, especially on Sundays, when they decide on a relaxing day. Coming with the whole family, they enjoy the day with the possibility to stay in the shade or enjoy the sun just a few steps away.

Drinks are always available, but due to the lack of frequent visitors, food is available with the preorder.
The place is quite amazing. There are many bantabas and sitting areas distributed very sparsely under branches of palm trees. It seems as if the place would be built by the high safety protocols for Covid times since social distancing is ensured 100 %.
Cherno told us, many times, people come with tents, and they set them on the beach. They would light a campfire to warm themself up due to the ocean wind in the evening and enjoy the night in the quiet environment.
Every Sunday, a dancing group called National BWB (Big Wood Ballet) comes to SuBeeray to give dancing lessons. Everybody is welcome to join. The first time is for free! Starting at 4 pm, the course usually goes on for an hour or so and is a perfect chance to try out some African moves and get to know some traditional Gambian dances.
If you look for a place to spend your afternoon or Sunday, close to the beach but with enough shade, this might be it. Friendly service and enough personal space, peace and privacy offer a chance for a perfect chill-out day.
Cherno will be happy to see you there.
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