Summer Bazaar at YOSH Restaurant

Mark your calendars for Summer Bazaar!


At YOSH restaurant at Fajara
outdoor -ground floor
indoor – 1st floor


19th of June & 20th of June

What time?

From 11 am to 6 pm (both days)




🎁 Come and shop with lots of local vendors and artists for all your holiday needs.
🎁 Get your unique gifts
🎁 Experience the charm of Spring Bazaar
🎁 Enjoy delicious food and drinks
🎁 Workshops for children
🎁 Desserts to buy and take home
🎁 Festive decorations

If you want to sell your products at Spring Bazaar please contact (WhatsApp): +220 712 2121

Prices for tables for 2 days:
– 400d small
– 600d middle
– 800d big See less



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