Street Food: Fish két

Another popular street food in The Gambia is a pan-fried crunchy pancake look-alike called fish ket. Sometimes confused for fish cake, where the dough is folded over a filling, this snack is fried and served with sauce topping. The sauces can be stir-fried onions, beans with stir-fried onion, smoked fish (grown soup). Fish ket is mostly sold in schools, but you can also find it on sale in front of some compounds. If you find yourself in Dippakunda, you taste Mammy Loppy's delicious fish ket.
The dough

Mix the flour in water and add salt to taste. Cover it in a big bowl and allow it to rise. Cut the dough into small pieces and shape balls. Spread each ball to be flat using your hands or use a rolling pin.

Fry the flattened dough until golden brown, then place it in a colander to drain the oil.

Now you need toppings to finish your street snack. Here are the steps to the preparation of the most famous two.
Grown soup (marinated smoked fish)

• smoked fish
• onion
• lemon juice
• a mixture of spices from the local markets
• chilly powder
• pinch of salt

Remove the scales and bones of the fish and fillet them into small pieces. Cut the onion into small bits. Add lemon juice, chilly powder and a mix of spices (Ami or Maggi or any mixture of African spices) to the onion and mix. Add the fish and mix it. Put it in a clean bowl and cover.
The beans sauce with stir-fried onions

• blacked eye beans
• salt
• onion
• mix of spices
• black pepper
• chilly powder

Wash the beans and cook them for a while. When the beans are soft, add salt and stir. Slightly crush the beans to make them thicker. Put the cooked beans in a small bowl and cover.

Cut the onion into bits, add tomato paste, black pepper, a mix of spices, chilly powder, a little bit of salt and stir fry it in a separate cooking pot. Stir until the onion is golden brown, then serve it in a separate bowl.

Here you go, your snack is ready!

The fish ket is sold with either of the sauces according to the preference. The price per piece is usually D5.

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