Glimpses of Spring Bazaar at YOSH Restaurant

Before Easter and Ramadan Holidays began we organized another, this time Spring Bazaar at YOSH Restaurant in Fajara. You were able to browse through different stalls of amazing products of many vendors and taste some delicious snacks and drinks. Here are some glimpses of the event.

We have partnered with Yosh restaurant once again to organize another successful and colourful Bazar; SPRING BAZAAR.

This year on Spring Bazaar
Meet our vendors

Enjoy delicious snacks, lemonade or ginger juice, the best chocolate cake and cookies. Food made with passion.

Yaws is an outfit that drives for art and design through fashion (Unisex), Decor, Stage setup and Events, just to name a few.

Yoga Bliss Creation provides homemade Asian condiments, colourful handmade gift bags, reusable wax wraps, and other creations.

Find natural products for all your facial and body treatment, massage, pedicure/manicure, etc.

We offer varieties of creative, unique and innovative handmade and homemade items made locally, focusing on African inspired materials from countries around the continent.

We are a natural hair and skincare company that aims to provide wholesome products that are friendly to both the user and the environment.

I am a mom but also enjoy doing crafts. I create decorations from cement and shells to bring a feel of sea to your place. 

Would you like to have a beautiful professional picture taken of you, your kids or your family? Or a postcard with the season greetings of Easter or the starting of the holy month of Ramadan.

My handmade artwork is a traditional wood carving craft. I mostly create sculptures presenting African life, people and their faces, masks, animals and other motives.

Browse through a wide selection of African fabric designs, accessories, baskets, jewellery and home decorations.

Handmade gold and silversmith jewellery in traditional designs. Find your bangle, necklace, ring or bracelet in a wide shiny selection.

Made by traditional weaving techniques with a loom, Ousman is creating amazing bags and decorations from handmade woven textiles.

A colourful selection of clothing designs for him and her!

The best choice and value of African arts, crafts and souvenirs in The Gambia! Enjoy a relaxed shopping experience.

Ideal natural products of different types such as chakri, naan mburr, fruit jam, baobab powder, wonjo powder, ginger powder and more. Delicious smoothies made by your selection of fruit and coconut-ginger cake are our fans’ top 2 products.

Beachwear & toys, cosmetic gifts, jewellery & bags, home accessories, artworks, birthday, valentine, wedding, Christmas gifts, Gambian handmade items.

Gorgeous & cute trendy summer tops. Handmade, crochet from a cotton blend and acrylic blends. Different styles and sizes available.

Unique handmade jewellery that makes you feel special in any occasion, practical bags from recycled materials, mixed with authentic local fabrics and different selection of home decor.

Africa Startup is a Foundation based in Norway with the mission to improve livelihoods in Africa and around the world. On the bazaar, you will be able to check their natural products and gift baskets.

High Quality Cosmetics That Parade The Beauty Within You
Be You. Be Beautiful.

Afri Cola, a taste, you will love. This high class coke brand from Germany, was established already in the year 1931! Now, it will come to Africa soon…

We are a Salon and School. We also have many American household products for sale.

You can buy any hair accessories to beautify your hair but ALL HER’S accessories protects your hair and helps make your natural hair journey easier.

Unique gifts, toys for children, clothes, shoes, kitchen gadgets, home décor and many more!

MSJ’S Beauty and UniqueMades deals with both good and services, we make handmade products and do makeup and head ties services.

Muna’s Gift Shop is a place where you will find many Gambian pattern textiles and gifts for your loved ones. 


ASCAB Capoeira Gambia is an African Society of Capoeira and Arts from Brazil. 


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