Special offers of the green season at Tamala Beach Resort

Gambian owned luxury resort located directly on the beach, Sunprime Tamala Beach resort, is opened throughout the year. It is one of the few hotels in The Gambia operating and receiving guests even in the most challenging time for Gambian and world tourism.
Known as an adult only (+16) hotel, Tamala Beach Resort delivers a one-of-a-kind experience for guests, providing a sense of a unique royal treatment that’s dedicated to serving them in a serene atmosphere. It is the ideal choice for those seeking a relaxing and self-indulgent holiday.
The resort’s beauty carries hints of African identity while serving a unique resort experience, with breath-taking sceneries of pools, private beach and palm trees, making it a perfect luxury getaway.
Dining at Tamala Beach Resort takes you on a culinary adventure full of Gambian and international specialities.
If you are not a resort guest, don’t worry, you can enjoy their facilities and have a dining experience. Tamala Beach resort has a lot to offer to guests who are not staying at their luxury resort.
The unique lounge located between the Atlantic Ocean and the central pool offers brunch, lunch and dinner from an Al la Carte menu to all guests every day of the year.
The place is perfect for romantic dining sessions on an oceanfront terrace. It also became a famous venue for weddings, birthday parties and all kind of anniversaries and other occasions. There are important conferences and meetings held at Tamala, open buffet parties and events with guest artists from The Gambia, Senegal and elsewhere.

What to expect in the green season?

Check out for special rates on their website or contact them directly.
Weekends will be special at Tamala Beach Resort & Lounge.

Join Sunday Brunch! Enjoy pool party day!

BBQ Grill Buffet with Live band from 1 pm.

Menu A La Carte with DJ or GUEST ARTIST from 7 pm.

Many events are coming up during the mango season, with well known international music stars!

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