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October issue

Don’t be afraid to Sparkle!

Living in Gambia West Africa brings a whole new meaning to taking care of yourself, the weather, the beach, the sun and wind.  Making sure you are treating your skin, hair and nails right makes a difference.  When my friend and business partner Amanda and I opened Sparkle Beauty Salon 5 ½ years ago in Gambia West Africa we wanted to make sure we could offer all types of hair and beauty services catering to all hair and skin types.  So far we have achieved that dream, but are always striving to do more.  Let our amazing team make you Sparkle!

Let’s meet the team! Dawn and Amanda are the owners of Sparkle Beauty Salon.  Dawn has been living in Gambia for 14 years and is from the United States; she is the aesthetician, nail technician, and does individual eyelash extensions. Amanda has lived in Gambia for 8 years and is from Finland; she is a hairdresser and also does bonding extensions and individual eyelash extensions. We have put together an amazing team!

Teija is our other hairdresser and is from Finland; Nina does nails and eyelash extensions and is from Norway; Tarja is our massage therapist and she is from Finland; Karoliina does eyelash extensions and is from Finland; Nato does nails and eyelash extensions and is Gambian; Carolien does the reflexology and back massage and is from Holland; Haddy and Gibba are our fantastic salon assistants and are Gambian.

With the sun always beating down your hair, it dries out and the colour fades quickly so we are always ready to give it a deep condition and refresh the colour.  When you are walking on the beach and your feet are always in flip flops or sandals they can become rough and have a lot of hard skin, having a pedicure once a month can help relax those tired feet and smooth the skin.

When your feet are in need of a extra TLC we can offer an amazing reflexology treatment that will have you walking on clouds.  The water can also dry out your hands and weaken your fingernails so getting that manicure helps keep them strong, not to mention getting that perfect nail colour can lighten your spirits. 

When your skin is looking tired and rough because of the constant sun, wind, dust and sunscreen there is always time for a facial or a chemical peel. By looking at your skin and listening to your concerns we can find the perfect skincare treatment for you, not to mention take all your cares away with a relaxing facial massage. 

If you are suffering from sore muscles or just need to relax, there is our amazing masseuse who will have back to yourself in no time at all.

Sparkle Beauty Salon is here for you no matter what you need, even if it is just a cup of coffee and a chat.  Dawn, Amanda, Teija, Nato, Nina, Carolien, Tarja, Karoliina, Haddy and Gibba are your Sparkle team and we look forward to your next visit!

Don’t be afraid to Sparkle!

By Dawn Baye-Ceesay


Facebook: Sparkle Beauty Salon
Telephone: 7000111
WhatsApp: +2207000111
Address: Kololi


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