Smiling Child of The Gambia: Just a few more days

With just a few days to go, we are again looking ahead to our trip to The Gambia. It remains exciting in times of the pandemic. What will the Dutch or Belgian government decide now that the infections are on the rise again? As benefactors of this world, we hope to spend another two weeks in The Gambia, full of passion and love!
The last time we were in The Gambia we decided, in consultation with My Gambia, to start a monthly contribution to the magazine. In the meantime, we are 4 months further and several articles of us have been published. We are grateful that we can get extra attention and publicity for our foundation through My Gambia.

During the summer we realized several projects.

When we left The Gambia after that trip, we decided to make a success of several projects this summer. We placed fans in the classrooms for more air and ventilation. After 18 months, we noticed that the roof of our nursery school needed urgent replacement. So, we started working on it. The roof was raised, and a steel structure was fixed during the rainy season. Proud of the result we were able to successfully complete this project as well.

Actually, we wanted to start building the 4th classroom of the elementary school. Because after the summer there would be about 50 new children in our schools and most of them would go on to the next year. Unfortunately, it was not possible to build a 4th classroom before the new school year! A great pity of course, but the roof of the nursery school had to be fixed first. So, we decided to postpone the 4th classroom for a while.

New roof for the Nursery School - in process
New roof for the Nursery School - finished

We build the 4th classroom

We are extremely depending on financial gifts, and it is not possible to do everything at once. So, after some shifting and puzzling and some extra gifts we managed to start building the 4th classroom in October. Fortunately, the foundation of the lower basis school is already placed, so we can start building right away.
Now that we are building hard, we also realize that we have a small backlog. So our goal is to start building the 5th classroom in the spring of 2022. How fantastic would that be! This will coincide with the 5th anniversary of our foundation. With a lot of love and passion, we are building a dream; a chance for a better future for our children.
Do you share our dream and want to support our foundation? This is possible with any donation large or small. Follow our social media channels and become an ambassador of our foundation. Together we realize a dream for our new generation and build a better future. Would you like to help? Then also visit our website.

We look ahead to our trip in November.

With only a few days to go, we look forward to our reunion with the children in The Gambia. What a fantastic trip this promises to be. We visit a number of families to bring a bag of rice and food. We make plans for the fall because the end of the year is approaching, and we decide on new projects that we want to accomplish in the period between November and April. A cultural day is also on the agenda. In our second weeks some of the sponsors of our foundation will come over to see the progress of the developments for themselves. It promises to be a rewarding and special time again! And we will share as many highlights, news, and developments as possible through our social media channels. So, keep following our socials 😉
Important note: all pictures and videos shared in this article are copyrighted by Jacco Verschoor of Smiling Child of The Gambia. Parents, children, and teachers have given their approval to publish pictures for the benefit of our foundation.
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It’s every child’s right to learn. With a smile! Follow our socials.

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Jacco Verschoor

Initiator of Smiling Child of The Gambia
I am Jacco Verschoor (32), The Netherlands. Initiator of Smiling Child of The Gambia, founded with Mark Leeuwis. Our foundation is committed to (underprivileged)pour children in primary education in Lamin-Kerewan, The Gambia. Not only do we support the children with school fees, we also build a safe and hygienic educational environment. It is our aim to give the children a better chance for a bright future! Our foundation was established in April 2017. Since then, we travel 3 times a year to The Gambia. In the Netherlands my daily profession is an international event manager and currently I am setting up my own company: Creators of Live.

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