Smiling Child of The Gambia: Documentary about Smiling Child School

Since June we have been working on a positive and impressive documentary about our Smiling Child School. We do this to inform you about the school in Lamin-Kerewan, The Gambia. “The village behind the airport!” as Gambians always say. Our teacher Sainey Colley explains you about your education system and the difference the teachers make in the lives of the children.

Welcome to the Smiling Child School!

The school has been established 17 years ago, by Amadou Tamba. By then the school was called Rosy Apple Noël Baker Nursery School. 4 years ago the Smiling Child of The Gambia Foundation started to support the school and therefore the name was changed to Smiling Child School. The school is located in Lamin Kerewan in one of the smallest countries of Africa called The Gambia.

The Smiling Child School has now a nursery and a lower basic school. After graduating from the Smiling Child Lower Basic School, the students can go to the governmental high school opposite the street. The most important educational fundament is accessible for the children of the village and surroundings. Currently, the foundation is making a huge progression in succeeding the building of the lower basis school.

Building the 4th Classroom?

When the next school year starts, it’s the aim of the foundation to start building the 4th classroom of Smiling Child Lower Basic School. Because it’s our belief that it is every child’s right to learn. With a smile! Will you help us? Would you like to make a contribution? Feel free to get in touch with our foundation. We love to hear from you.

The education system

At the Smiling Child School, we don’t just want to educate our students, we want to be their safe space where we help them to understand themselves, the community and the world. We have developed a method of teaching where we put every individual first. Their unique talents and preferences are what counts for us! A variety of subjects are given to be able to search for the students’ unique talents and preferences. Next to the general lessons, we offer the students arts, gardening, sport, culture and dance. Our method of teaching gives us the opportunity to help each individual student to find their unique talent what helps us to customize our teaching. This has a positive effect on each individual student and their future!

The documentaries

Would you like to contribute in any way through ward better-tailored education in The Gambia?

Get in touch with Smiling Child of The Gambia foundation, to know what you can do!

This documentary is the first out of three documentaries that will be published this month. So keep following our socials and subscribe to our Youtube channel. We will be publishing the other documentaries soon…

Important note: all pictures shared in this article are copyrighted by Jacco Verschoor of Smiling Child of The Gambia. Parents, children, and teachers have given their approval to publish pictures for the benefit of our foundation.

More Information

It’s every child’s right to learn. With a smile! Follow our socials.

About Author

Jacco Verschoor

Initiator of Smiling Child of The Gambia
I am Jacco Verschoor (32), The Netherlands. Initiator of Smiling Child of The Gambia, founded with Mark Leeuwis. Our foundation is committed to (underprivileged)pour children in primary education in Lamin-Kerewan, The Gambia. Not only do we support the children with school fees, we also build a safe and hygienic educational environment. It is our aim to give the children a better chance for a bright future! Our foundation was established in April 2017. Since then, we travel 3 times a year to The Gambia. In the Netherlands my daily profession is an international event manager and currently I am setting up my own company: Creators of Live.

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