Smiling Child of The Gambia: 3 documentaries about Smiling Child School

This month was all about 3 documentaries for Smiling Child School. Wonderful documentaries with which we strive to give a positive and interesting account of our school in Lamin-Kerewan, The Gambia.

Smiling Child Schools

In the first documentary, you will see a complete view of our nursery school and lower basic school Smiling Child Schools. The school was founded 17 years ago by Amadou M. Tamba in Lamin-Kerewan, The Gambia. In one of the smallest countries in Africa. Since 4 years the school is supported and maintained by the Foundation Smiling Child of The Gambia. Our teacher Sainey tells you about the history of the school and the contribution of the foundation.

Proud of our Sally

We are extremely proud of our Sally. She was incredibly people shy at the age of 4. Now she is 9 years old and she proudly talks about the opportunities she has received at our school. She has grown tremendously in her younger years. With pride and passion she tells us why she would like to become a doctor in the future!

Sainey takes you into his life

Sainey is one of our passionate teachers. The success of our school lies in the cooperation with the foundation and the shared passion to give these children a chance for a better future. Sainey is now 24 years old and has been teaching at Smiling Child Schools for over 6 years. “As a teacher you are responsible for developing the new generation. Thanks to the foundation’s involvement, a lot has changed at the school.” We continuously work hard to grow and develop the school.

A triptych full of inspiration and passion

The Smiling Child of The Gambia Foundation had these documentaries made in collaboration with sponsors and a creative agency in The Gambia. Together we made a beautiful triptych of short documentaries. We are extremely proud of the development of these documentaries. We hope you are too! Would you like to see these documentaries more often? Follow our Youtube channel or our website.

Together we provide a better future.

More than 400 children now go to school at the Smiling Child Schools. These children deserve a chance at a better future. The foundation cannot do this alone, we dependent on sponsors. Do you want to help the foundation with the development of a better educational environment or do you want to support the children directly? That is possible! Please contact our foundation. We will gladly tell you about the possibilities.

Would you like to see the school yourself if you are in The Gambia?

And when you are in The Gambia, would you like to meet the children and see the school? That is of course also possible! We would like to love to invite you. We bring you in contact with our teachers, so you can experience a day at our school during your trip in The Gambia.
Important note: all pictures and videos shared in this article are copyrighted by Jacco Verschoor of Smiling Child of The Gambia. Parents, children, and teachers have given their approval to publish pictures for the benefit of our foundation.
More Information

It’s every child’s right to learn. With a smile! Follow our socials.

About Author

Jacco Verschoor

Initiator of Smiling Child of The Gambia
I am Jacco Verschoor (32), The Netherlands. Initiator of Smiling Child of The Gambia, founded with Mark Leeuwis. Our foundation is committed to (underprivileged)pour children in primary education in Lamin-Kerewan, The Gambia. Not only do we support the children with school fees, we also build a safe and hygienic educational environment. It is our aim to give the children a better chance for a bright future! Our foundation was established in April 2017. Since then, we travel 3 times a year to The Gambia. In the Netherlands my daily profession is an international event manager and currently I am setting up my own company: Creators of Live.

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