Sheriff Sambou, the Chef at Yosh Restaurant

If you have not heard of Sheriff Sambou’s story yet, it is one you can’t miss. His perseverance, consistency, hard work, and diligence made him the person he aspires to be. We are sure we will still hear about him in the future.

Sheriff Sambou is the head chef of Yosh Restaurant. Yosh restaurant can be found in Fajara just before the MRC. He trained at a local skill center as a cook, after which he worked at a local restaurant for few years before he came to Yosh in 2017.

Sheriff realized his passion to cook when he was just a young boy. He would help out his mother at home to buy ingredients, prepare them and cook. After growing up, he finally decided to become a cook and chased his dream since then. 

He attended a skill center and also improved himself through the YouTube tutorials and watching master chef competitions. In 2005, Sheriff had his first job. He worked as a kitchen cleaner while learning from the chef. After a year he got promoted to work as a chef. 

“Since then, I have been learning more cuisines, not just the local dishes but also international, because the cookery industry is so wide. You can’t just concentrate on one.”

Sheriff continued to strive and improve himself despite the odds. In 2017, his talents were seen by a friend who gave him the platform to showcase. Then he created his first international dish by himself without anyone’s instruction and this led him into Yosh.

His inspiration to create a dish comes from the master chef competitions and few masters in the industry. 

When asked about his challenges as a chef, he said; “As a chef, the most important thing is consistency. You have to make sure that the same type of dish tastes the same way every time it is cooked. It doesn’t have to taste different on the tongues of customers. It’s even more difficult as a head chef who is working with different chefs with different cooking styles. You have to make sure the dishes they prepare taste the same. This is the biggest challenge.”

Even though it has been difficult, he has always coordinated his team to ensure that there is no failure in the quality of the dish being served to the customers. 

He’s speciality is in the preparation of seafood but he is also great in every area of the cookery. He doesn’t only concentrate on one type of cuisine. He believes that in this industry there is a lot to explore and one doesn’t have to be stuck in one area. 

He proudly talks about his biggest achievement throughout his career. His dream has always been to work with his father, who is also a chef working at hotels and for different people. He got the honor to invite his father to join him in his kitchen when he became a chef at Yosh restaurant in 2018. He felt accomplished after making this dream come true. 

Sheriff always ensures the quality of the food going to the customers, this he attains by making sure he gets fresh vegetable, fresh meat, fish, and other ingredients. These ingredients are thoroughly washed and disinfected before freezing to make sure they don’t get contaminated. The plates on which food is being served to the customers are always cleaned and dried before putting food into it. 

“I feel so great in Yosh because here is where I was first given the opportunity to become a head chef.”

Sheriff’s dream now is to be able to build his skills and become greater: “I wish to be on the same standard as an international master chef”. He also hopes to have his restaurant in five-years-time and be able to bring the master chef competition into the Gambia. 

“The best way to win is to keep fighting.”

Do you want to taste his specialities?

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