Satisfy your cravings for grilled meat specialties, Kasumai BBQ & Steakhouse

If you're craving for barbecue but don't fancy firing up the grill, Kasumai BBQ and Steakhouse is a restaurant that is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. From smoked ribs to brisket, delmonica steak, tomahawk and much more. One thing is for sure – you won't leave hungry!


Anton, the Grillmaster, comes from the Netherlands. His grilling skills were firstly recognized by his friends and family back in the Netherlands. Everyone loved it whenever he was in charge of preparing meat for BBQ for birthdays and private parties. The meat was always so soft and tasty. They were encouraging him to start his own business.
As he previously worked in a food business, he started to think about this idea more seriously. The turning point was when he bought a smoker and started to attend food festivals in the Netherlands.
He became very famous for his food, so his friend, who once attended the festival and saw how popular his food was, suggested opening a restaurant in The Gambia.
He saw it as an excellent opportunity to do the job he loves all year round, six months in Europe during summertime and six months in The Gambia during wintertime.
So, he went to The Gambia, fell in love with the people, and opened Kasumai BBQ and Steakhouse. He decided to offer something unique on the market. Therefore, he did a totally different set-up with steaks from all over the world and always freshly prepared vegetables, salads, and sauces. They prepare Yankee style ´low and slow´ BBQ dishes on the wood burning smoker and hot & fast grill classics on the ´old fashioned´ stone grill. And this is the main reason why it became very popular also in The Gambia. People love it.


The restaurant is situated at Bijilo beach close to the Atlantic Ocean and attached to Kasumai Beach Resort. It is a favourite hangout for BBQ lovers.
The decor is simple yet comfortable. Walking towards the indoor dining area and terrace offers a clear view of food preparations and the chef working in the kitchen. You can also see the classic stone grill and a big American BBQ Smoker from the terrace.
They serve only carefully selected meat and the finest steaks that Anton and his team prepare. But choosing meat is not the only thing they do precisely. They are accurate and strict in temperature checking, sourcing firewood and using ingredients for different sauce mixes. All dishes are served with either baked, hassleback or mashed potatoes or french fries. Their motto is: “You might come as a stranger, but we make sure you will leave as a friend.
Their motto is: “You might come as a stranger, but we make sure you will leave as a friend.” And this is exactly how we felt when we were there tasting their delicious food. It is not only about being kind and professional, but the place lets you feel that you are welcome and that you can enjoy it as you are at your friend’s place.
The restaurant offers a wonderful menu of delicious and mouth-watering BBQ specialities like nowhere else in The Gambia. Different steaks, chicken shaslick, and fish from the classic “old fashioned” direct stone grill. Beef is imported from New Zealand, Australia and Holland. Wagyu from Kobe is one of the house specialities, it has been a delicacy in Japan for more than 1,000 years. You can also choose other supreme steaks such as Tomahawk, Tenderloin Supreme, Chateaubriand Supreme, Lamb Rack and Surf & Turf. Using the best quality ingredients, they also offer precisely selected sandwiches, starters, grill burgers and deserts.
In addition to all that, the restaurant is located on a prime location. While you are waiting for your delicious meal, you can admire the view of the garden of Kasumai Beach Resort with two pools and the ocean. The atmosphere is brilliant during the sunset and when the evening lights create a gentle and romantic mood.
Don’t miss their “all you can eat Thursday’s Rib Night” with delicious pork spare ribs prepared in American BBQ Smoker. It is slow and low, which means ribs are smoked indirectly from the fire on the smoker’s other side. Soft and yummy ribs are rubbed in homemade pork powder, then glazed in their homemade BBQ sauce, sweet or spicy. If you are not a pork lover, they also have Beef Ribs, just as tender and served with the BBQ sauce. You get 50% extra for Pork ribs take away on a Thursday night.
In addition to pork and beef ribs, they use American BBQ smoker to prepare other specialities such as brisket, North Atlantic Salmon and Boston butt roast.
They can accommodate business meetings during the day. To book this facility please ring +2207728791 Kasumai BBQ & Steakhouse is also the right place a romantic dinner for two, birthday celebration, wedding party or a lovely meal with the family. For groups it is possible to have A la carte or a buffet.
Open 7 days a week from 17:00 to midnight, last food orders at 22:00. The opening times may be extended during the high season.
To book your table, ring, or WhatsApp +220 7228791.

Menu and the variety of steaks available on the website

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