Rotary Jaipur Limb Workshop for The Gambia

My name is Cheryl Currie a retired nurse from UK and a Rotary Club member. I have been visiting The Gambia for over 20 years embarking on many project within The Gambia.

2 1/2 years ago I was approached by Ministers and Doctors for the need for prosthetic limb workshop as there are 1,000 amputees on the waiting list and many children also. Personally, I have witness many on the streets begging and seen hospital patients after surgery. 

Ministers verified the need for a working workshop to make new personally made to measure prosthetic limbs. This is very important to have their own personally made to their specified measurements to prevent injury and damage to their hips and spine. The amputee can go back to living a normal life, to work to support their families. Also, the stigma will be taken away from losing their leg due to illness or trauma.

Rotary Jaipur Limbs provide Jaipur Technology giving light, durable and comfort for the amputee. The custom-made leg and foot superficially resembles a real leg, waterproof and can be made relatively quickly at low cost. These can be worn without or with a shoe. The prosthetic limb will enable the amputee to run, cycle, drive a car and motorbike. 

Rotary Jaipur Limbs have been established since 1990 and have donated many workshops in Africa and India. We have 27 workshops completed around Africa and the need is for one in The Gambia. 

Rotary Jaipur Limb will set up the workshop, train the staff in Jaipur Technology and supply all the materials needed for 1,000 amputees. When completed the project will be given to the hospital and we will be available on an advisory role.

Rotary Club of Fajara had supported funds to this project and will oversee this rewarding project on the grounds of Kanifing General Hospital in Serrekunda. Unfortunately, our sponsor in The Gambia has done very well in starting the foundations and structure within the hospital but due to Covid 19 donations have dried up. We urgently need the building completed to start the project for dates to train and order the deliveries. 

Rotary Clubs in UK have done amazingly well in raising funds for this large project to achieve District and Global Foundation Grants. Unfortunately, Rotary Foundation policy will be unable to fund this building. A new physio department is planned for the use of the hospital running alongside the workshop.

This workshop will be handed to the hospital when completed and will remain sustainable for The Gambia Amputee’s. Finally, everything is in place except for the completion of the building. 

If anyone can help in fundraising, or any donations from businesses in The Gambia to get this building completed, please contact myself or Fajara Rotary Club. Look forward in your support and further information if needed.

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