Ride in style with Gambia Limo Service

Travel in class with Gambia Limo Service. It is the only Limo rental company in The Gambia offering luxurious limousines for your classy occasions.
The limo service was founded by a young Gambian, Morris Gomez, who studied and worked in Finland for about 15 years. He wanted to do his part in Nation Development Program by providing employment opportunities for youths. He thought of doing something that no one else has ever done in the country.
The Gambia limo service offers airport pickups or car rentals for business meetings, weddings, commercial ads, movie shooting, music video shootings, classic events, parties with friends and family, nights out or a simple ride around town.
There are two modern limousines available to rent: a white Chrysler 12 passenger limousine & a black Lincoln Navigator 13 passenger limo.
The service offers a package for each event at a rate of GMD 5000 per hour. The package includes a driver and security with refreshments on board.
So, if you find yourself exhausted and need a comfortable ride to your hotel room after arriving at your favourite travel destination, or you just want a glamorous night out, maybe a luxurious ride for your wedding, Gambia Limo Service is the right choice for you.
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You can also book a limo at Sunprime Tamala Beach Resort


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