Let’s build a watchtower with Red Dolphin Lifeguard Association

Lifeguards are an essential part of everyday swimming, whether at the beach or poolside. The Red Dolphins Lifeguard Association is a charitable organisation that operates within the developmental tourism areas to sensitise and protect beach and pool users.

The Gambia is divided by the river and citizens and visitors mostly use the sea. In the Gambia, people frequent the beaches and most of the locals are non-swimmers. Tourists also fill some of the beach bars but being a good swimmer doesn’t guarantee that an accident will not happen. The Red Dolphins watch the beach users and educate them about the beach state at the time of the visit. Accidents at the beach is due to ignorance and the lifeguards are there to ensure swimmers’ safety.

The Red Dolphins are trained in basic first aid procedures in order to prevent or help during any accidents. The organisation is a recognised body in The Gambia and the lifeguards are certified lifeguards.

The significant problems this association faces is inadequate rescue equipment which is essential in the job.  The rescue equipment is not available in the Gambia and they cannot be seen in the market.

The Covid-19 has had its turn on the organisation since this is where they earn their livelihood.

The Red Dolphin Lifeguards are based on a few beaches in the country. They are working to establish more lifeguard bases on every beach of the Gambia. They intend to employ more youths and train them on the job.

They are hoping that one day members will be paid as lifeguards.

New Watchtower for Red Dolphin Lifeguard Association


Not a lot.

But if you put it together with everyone else’s £1, it could make a huge difference!

The Red Dolphin Lifeguard Association is a group of volunteers who have received full training to rescue people in trouble in the water. They have saved many peoples’ lives while volunteering on the beaches. 

Yes, they are volunteers and they receive no salaries or government funding. 

Before the pandemic hit, they received some small support, and plans were in place to create a sustainable association by constructing lifeguard stations/towers along Gambia’s coastline, which would generate income by selling business advertising space.  This income would help them pay their salaries and support the association to expand and train more guards. Consequently, this would also assist with youth employment in The Gambia.

All these plans have ground to a halt as the pandemic continues to affect the tourism industry.

However, these lifeguards are needed to protect locals too, in fact, even more, since so many Gambians fear water and receive little or no swimming training.

Education and training on safety in the sea would be more widely available if there were more lifeguards.

We have +31k followers – if just 843 of you donated £1 each or 983 of you donated 1€ – this would raise the D57.000 needed to build one lifeguard station for Gambia’s Red Dolphin Lifeguard Association.  If everyone would donate just £5 or 5€, we could build 5 to 6 towers along Gambia’s coastline!!

Please help us to help them. Gambia’s coastline is unpredictable and can be dangerous.  Lifeguards are a fundamental need to make this lovely country safe. 

Do you have £1 to support and make a huge difference?

Could you do it now? It’s so easy.

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