Rain brings life to the fields of upcountry

Agriculture flourishes up country during the rainy season bringing life to the land. The life of people in remote areas is mainly dependant on agriculture. In The Gambia, agriculture is characterized as subsistent food production comprising cereals and cash crops like groundnut, sesame, and horticulture. Some of the people are cattle farmers rearing animals for selling and the consumption of the family.
In June, farmers prepare their lands and plant the seeds. When the rain comes, those seeds sprout and grow. The fields are becoming beautifully green and full of life. Farmers usually practice mixed farming—growing cereals and vegetables in the farmlands. Most vegetables grown are okra, carrot, onion, hibiscus, bitter tomatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, hot pepper and more.

Crops are harvested in October after the rainy season ends. Communities would come together to help each other harvest their products. These products are normally transported to the urban regions and sold. Millets and groundnuts are cash crops in The Gambia. They are exported abroad, which brings business to the locals.

The vegetables are mostly used for family consumption. Half of the produce is sold to the market to generate income. Farmers with smaller lands are the ones mostly doing vegetable farming, cultivating different types of vegetables.

When you travel to the villages at this time of the year, it is fresh, peaceful and green. Everywhere looks beautiful, and the environment offers soothing sight for the soul.

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