Presenting Foundation DK Moves Academy School

Foundation DK moves came into existence in 2018. Foundation DK moves academy school is first class opportunity environment for children to begin to understand that school is a place for learning and to surcase their skills. They will learn about sharing, taking turns, respecting the rights of others, and taking care of themselves.

Foundation DK moves is a non-profit organization with its head quarters in Belgium partnering with a Gambian to enhance effective and efficient smooth running of the foundation. Since inception the Foundation has sponsored children in various schools, donated school items to schools in the urban and rural areas of the Gambia alongside assisting families within the local community to up lift their living standard. Some years in existence, both partners came up with a great initiative to build their own academy school which started with buying a piece of land located at Sukuta Nema Road, Suwareh Kunda Juction.

The erection of the three classrooms project, Kitchen, Kids playing ground, toilet, and administrative block kicked off way back in 2019 which took us roughly two years before the school started operating on the 27th September 2021. The size of Foundation DK moves academy school is Principal, two teachers, and school coordinator and Watchman (Care taker) as a start with future plans to extend the school to primary level.

The Foundation DK moves academy school program provides initial learning experiences in language development, number concepts, creative skills, and social and physical growth. Educational experiences provide balance and variety among physical, mental, spiritual, and social activities as the child’s world of awareness is extended from the home to the classroom. The Foundation DK moves academy school classroom is a language-rich experience for all. Students are introduced to basic reading skills through shared reading experiences, rhymes, poems and classic stories with emphasis to improve and develop children’s outcomes in early language, literacy and numeracy to be good ambassadors of the country-the Gambia.

We are proud of our caring and nurturing environment and can offer you and your child a wonderful welcome into Foundation DK moves academy school. During the day the children will be having their normal learning sessions guided by two capable teachers after which during break period the kids will be working alongside each other in a sizeable purposefully arranged environment supported with continuous provision playing equipment. These are equipment that is available all of the time so that children know what is available for them to play with the guidance of our capable team.

Our nursery is well resourced and benefits from a sizeable fenced area as well as three large classrooms. Our children are given the freedom and take their learning either inside or outside as we operate a free flow system between the indoor and outdoor environments. Topics and themes are carefully planned to capture the children’s interest and imaginations and our experienced teamwork hard to ensure the children are safe, happy and make excellent progress during their time with us.7

We at Foundation DK moves academy school develop positive relationships with parents through our transition arrangements and home visits and value our parents as partners to ensure the best possible start for your child within our nursery. We welcome visits to nursery and are happy to answer any questions prospective parents may have.

As a charity school, foundation Dk moves academy school is providing financial assistance to the needy children in a form of sponsor. The main aim and objective is to give the kids access to education, assist families, educate women and help other schools with school items. Having this in as our core mandate, your assistance in the form of kind or cash as every single penny counts will contribute immensely towards the achievement of our desired goal.

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