Ebunjan Theatre brings the Lion & the Jewel

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The Lion and the Jewel is a play by Wole Soyinka that dramatizes the courtship of a beautiful woman named Sidi by two very different suitors. Sidi has two suitors: Lakunle, a hapless schoolteacher who professes to want a modern marriage, therefore refusing to pay the bride price saying is an old fashion and Baroka, the elderly, polygamist village leader. However, Sidi, emboldened by the fact that her photos were recently in a magazine, rejects both men. Upon learning that Baroka is impotent, Sidi plots to humiliate him. However, her plan backfires, as Baroka lied about his impotence to lure Sidi to him. Baroka sexually assaults Sidi, and she becomes his newest wife.

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