Do you want to promote your business? Do you want to join the biggest platform where visitors will find all information about Gambia, its people, services and businesses? Then you are at the right place. 

My Gambia is offering a FREE listing of your service, no matter where in The Gambia, no matter what branch. My Gambia directory has many categories and there is a place for everyone. It is the best way to keep all contacts at one place. There are many pages, groups and websites where you can post your company’s profile but most of them are not updated regularly and are limited. We are using all our sources to keep data up to date.

Our mission is to offer a leading source of information about events, companies, businesses, organizations, services, jobs, projects, Gambia’s best attractions and people in addition to promoting Gambian made products. We want to make it easy for everyone searching information inside The Gambia.

We offer FREE articles and reviews about community, charity or meaningful projects. We also support young entrepreneurs on their way to the world of business.

We offer FREE news about charity events, festivals and other meaningful activities.


How can you join?

Do you own a restaurant? Then you can offer your take-away menu to the customers. 

Do you own a lodge? Then you can offer your accommodation in our booking system. 

Do you create hand made products? Then you can sell them in our online shop. 

Do you or your business want to share your story to the world? Then you can be a part of the first online magazine to promote tourism in The Gambia. 

Do you own a tour agency? Then you can offer your trips & tours through our platform. 

Do you want to promote your business? Then you can do this through: 

  • My Gambia Website banners
  • My Magazine sponsored articles & reviews
  • promotion posts on My Gambia Facebook page
  • promotion posts on My Gambia Instagram page
  • My Magazine banners
  • Promotional videos
  • Social media marketing
  • Website marketing

Apart from advertising on one of the most recognised pages in The Gambia or in the first online magazine, promoting tourism, our services include also: 

  • FREE simple Facebook, Instagram or website ad design
  • AFFORDABLE rates for video ad production from your material
  • AFFORDABLE rates for professional photo shooting of your place or products
  • AFFORDABLE rates for video interview
  • AMAZING rates for video ad production
  • AMAZING rates for drone technology video shooting

We offer AFFORDABLE advertising packages which fit any budget. You will get more for your advertising budget with us! All our prices include taxes and are affordable for everyone. There are no hidden costs.

For rates and more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on or call (+220) 5393744

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