Our initial story is based on our long-term activities in the field of education, sustainable tourism and knowledge exchange. We live and breathe The Gambia and we are here to bring that experience to you. We want to put The Gambia on a world tourism map as a destination, which can offer a wide range of sights, tastes, sounds and feelings. 

We are an international team of individuals who share many years of experience in the field of tourism, love to The Gambia and a wish that The Gambia becomes known destination for travellers looking for meaningful travel destinations. Our team is multicultural, multilingual and passionate about Gambia’s wildlife and cultural beauty. 

Think of us as your personal assistant in The Gambia. We will provide a wide range of information, all in one place and help you find a perfect type of holiday for you. We will expand a casual sun sea and sand vacation into an amazing experience that you will keep as a memory for life. 

We are creating a platform where every tourist provider can offer their services and every traveller find their choice. We are exposing every secret corner and sharing stories of each individual who is a part of this amazing destination. We are doing our best to preserve tradition and nature and to encourage responsible tourism in The Gambia. 

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18 Hole Golf Course at The Fajara Club: Hole by Hole Fly by

The Fajara Club then called Bathurst Club, was established in 1954 in Banjul. In 1971 it was relocated to Fajara and renamed The Fajara Club. Today it offers many recreational services for its members. Still, the main one is golf. You can enjoy golfing at their 18-hole golf course. The course, once called Fajara Golf Course, is now named Sir Dawda Jawara Golf Course.

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Fruit of the month: Date

The date is the fruit of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) from the family of palm. In the Gambia, the date fruit is called tandarma in Wolof and tamaro in Mandinka.

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Ceremonies in The Gambia

There is a fantastic choice of cultural music in the tourist spots in The Gambia. In the hotels and many of the bars and restaurants around you can see reggae groups, cover bands, African drumming and dancing, and great musicians playing an array of traditional instruments. But for a really wonderful experience of true Gambian musical culture there is nothing better than attending a local celebration and party!

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Glimpses of Spring Bazaar at YOSH Restaurant

Before Easter and Ramadan Holidays began we organized another, this time Spring Bazaar at YOSH Restaurant in Fajara. You were able to browse through different stalls of amazing products of many vendors and taste some delicious snacks and drinks. Here are some glimpses of the event.

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