As a result of using our services you will be able to: 

  • get the best possible consulting form the first hand,
  • get reliable information about the places you want to book,
  • browse through a wide spectre of events you can attend,
  • enjoy in the most colourful and diverse trips and tours which offer deep insight into the local culture,
  • purchase hand made products with a story which you will support by buying them,
  • get all information in one place,
  • join locals in national and personal celebrations,
  • experience a day as a local,
  • get support with organising your trip from planning to returning home,
  • get tailor made programs,
  • visit local schools, clinics, animal shelters, natural reserves …
  • book different types of accommodation from living with locals to luxury appartements,
  • get active with river trips, cycling, hiking, kayaking, surfing,
  • give back to the community and support local charity programs, 
  • book thematic trips: historical, cultural, nature…
  • have the time of your life!
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