Once the Gambia gets in your Heart

October issue

We create our content together with friends of The Gambia and our followers. Some of them already know Gambia very well and some of them curiously gather information about the destination they want to visit when possible again. ​
We recently asked our followers why they think so many visitors are coming back to The Gambia every year.

Among those who responded, three main causes were listed predominant: people and their hospitality, security of the country and interesting culture.

We find it extremely important to highlight security, which is one of the main issues for the newcomers. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, Africa has been one of the fastest growing tourist regions over the last decade. Despite the extremely rapid growth in the number of visitors of the African continent, many travelers still have concerns about journeys to this vast and mysterious continent.

We believe the main reason for this is the media and journalists who focus on reporting about problems of African countries which there are more than 50! Individual stories are presented as a general problem of the whole continent with more than 1.3 billion inhabitants. We do not deny that problems exist, but is there any country in world without them?

The truth is that a lot of positive stories, amazing talents, artists, places, and events never reach the general public. Gambia is just one of many countries on the African continent and is different from many. It is a small, quiet, affordable country of smiling people, where many travellers feel like home.

Behind the causes described above, there is something even bigger, indescribable. People who come to The Gambia feel accepted, happy, satisfied, and welcomed. Many have travelled and resided in many countries in the world, but Gambia has a special place in the hearts of many.

Our follower, Kerry Poynter wrote: “Once The Gambia gets in your heart, you belong to The Gambia.” And most of our followers agree with that.

So, how could it be explained to somebody, who has never chosen The Gambia as their holiday destination, maybe never even heard of it. How to explain why Gambia is so special, when you can only feel it when you come here.

As Jacqueline Stam stated: “The moment I step out of the plane, I feel happy and I keep smiling till the moment I have to leave. It is in the first place because of the warm hearted people! For me, Gambia is the perfect place for vacation.”

In addition to The Gambia offering a wide range of accommodation, dining options, fascinating nature, diverse culture, painful but interesting and important history, river trips and activities, birdwatching, surfing, colourful markets and so much more, you will probably make the most beautiful memories of the moments, spent with Gambian people.

Moments in the village with simple people, who will show you the highest level of hospitality, accepting and sharing. When you are sitting in the yard under a mango tree and you are invited to a lunch, which may be just a small bowl of benachin or domoda from which the whole family is eating with their hands, you will understand what hospitality means. Despite potential financial poverty, they will show you how very rich their hearts are. They may share the last handful of rice with you, because food sharing is one of the most beautiful and fascinating traits of Gambians. They might also start dancing, even if there seems to be no particular reason for joy, dancing and fun.

Life, which is not always sprinkled with flowers, is accepted in a different way than with many people living in the so-called developed world.

You will also be impressed by the moments at the Atlantic coast. Close your eyes and travel with us to The Gambia for a moment.

In the background you hear the drums in a harmony with the sounds of the mighty Atlantic Ocean; the sea breeze blows your hair and brings tranquillity to your heart. The sun paints the sky every morning, and in the evening when it touches the sea it offers the magical colors of life and reminds us how beautiful life really is.

If your heart is open for the acceptance of diversity, a different way of life and customs, the stories of the inhabitants, exploring the culture, and mingling with locals, we guarantee you that you will spend one of the most meaningful holidays in your life in The Gambia.

Home is where your heart is so if you haven’t found your second home yet, you’ll almost certainly get that feeling after visiting the land of the smiling people.

Welcome to The Gambia, welcome home.


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