Nightlife and few suggestions for clubbing in The Gambia

A holiday in The Gambia will not only offer you sun, sand, beach, cuisine, tours and accommodation but it can also offer you an exceptional nightlife experience during your visit. Gambians love music and dance. They love good parties too. Thus, blessed with a lot of cultural diversity through music, most of these cultural dances and activities can be witnessed at the hotels and restaurants in the evenings every day.
Nightlife in Kololi, Kotu, and Bakau are the most recommended spot for tourists to enjoy nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The clubs play a mixture of music from pop, hip hop, salsa, reggae, Afro-fusion and Ndaga. There are always music venues to choose from every day. Here are few selected nightclubs open for business at the moment.
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This club cafe is a small but smart night club located in the heart of Senegambia opposite the holiday beach resort. They play various music genres and the audiences are always a mixture of locals and tourists. It opens late at night till early morning. They have a bar which serves a wide range of drinks, cocktails and soft drinks. The capacity is approximately 100 people.


Photo Credit: Reos Night Club FB
Photo Credit: Reos Night Club FB
Reos is a sport bar and restaurant which is daily turned into a night club at night to offer music and entertainment for its customers to party till early hours of the day. The play numerous music genres and It’s the best place to grab a beer, watch a game, play pool, and have some fun. It is always ladies free for most of the nights but men pay for entrance. It is always crowded and lively with a mixture of locals and tourists. It is located beside the Green Mamba restaurant in the heart of Senegambia strip.


This is the premium luxury center for clubbing, dining, events and relaxation spot in the Gambia. Located on the Bertil Harding highway at the palm’s plaza in kololi. This night club plays every kind of music to the liking of its audience and opens late at night till early morning. Big Apple Executive Lounge is the only non-smoking lounge with designated lounge for smokers. It has capacity to host private events and provide an accommodating space as well as a thriving bass for and unbelievable fun night for any party lover. It has a 5-star decor and lighting with renowned DJ’s every time with an over the roof sound system. Their audience are always a mixture of locals and tourist.
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There is a jumbled way of nightlife in The Gambia. There is always something for everyone to enjoy.

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