New weekly live show in The Gambia

We are happy that The Gambia became a place for a very interesting, new, breath-taking, weekly live show. Singers, dancers, drummers and acrobats have been working for many months to deliver unique live show to locals and visitors of The Gambia.
You can expect some emotional scenes, empowering dances, creative acrobatics, and joyful show! It is something you haven’t seen before. Not only it offers dance, singing, drumming and many acrobatic skills, but it also brings a story of the hardship and passion in Africa.
The show brings in western music and combines it with African dancing. The key is to have an understanding of history in Africa. It shows how much some people in The Gambia and other countries in Africa really suffer. But with passion, drive and cause, you can always come to where you want to be. And that is the message from the show.
The West Pride Sound show started on November the 3rd. The weekly show is scheduled for every Wednesday at 8.30 pm in Ebunjan Theatre until the end of April. There are two types of tickets available. Standard tickets offer two sitting options; on the ground or the top floor. For the visitors of The Gambia staying at the hotels, there will be a special package available, including hotel pick up and drop off at the end of the show.
So, are you ready for the show to remember? Follow King’s and Queen’s on their webpage, Facebook, and Instagram and make sure to see the show! You will get a chance to see it until the end of April, when the team will begin rehearsing for the new show for the new year. Yes! You will be able to enjoy many different shows on your visits to The Gambia from now on.
Contact Details & Ticket Sales

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