New Turtle Hatchery Built at Gunjur Beach

Sea Turtle hatcheries are used when natural nesting conditions are threatened by predation, heavy poaching, or shrinking nesting locations. Hatcheries are not a zoo, wildlife sanctuaries, or a rescue centre; they are built to help restore declining sea turtle population through local-led volunteers’ efforts.

Sea turtle hatcheries off the coast of Gunjur are run by conservation volunteers who use their field conservation knowledge to promote turtle conservation in The Gambia. Yes, we share the valid concerns that handling eggs, using tanks, incubating eggs at the incorrect temperature, nests dug at the wrong depth and sand being too wet or too dry can all impact the success rates of the hatcheries. In this regard, the success rates are lower than if the eggs had been left in situ.

Ideally, we would prefer to promote sea turtle initiatives that preserve eggs in situ and encourage the conservation of habitats. However, considering the trend of anthropogenic factors and contemporary environmental issues in The Gambia, establishing an effectively run sea turtle hatchery is needed than ever before.

Establishing a turtle hatchery is our last resort – alongside other conservation measures to help restore the sea turtle population in The Gambia. Sea turtle hatcheries require extensive labour and fund to be successful. We thank our donors and volunteers for their immense contributions towards building this hatchery in Gunjur.

This initiative would not have been accomplished without the generous support of My Gambia and our team of volunteers. We thank My Gambia, which raised GMD 33,000 (raised amount reduced for transaction fees) and all CEATAG members for their continued efforts towards conservation efforts in The Gambia.

Thank you all ❤



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