New NGO for Greener Planet

Growing Green Communities is an environmental non-profit organisation, that recently moved to Gambia. With a background in environmental education and community development, they have big plans to make Gambia a greener and cleaner country.

They have partnered up with Clean Earth Gambia and are excited to announce their first Gambian eco-event that will bring together community members, to promote, connect and give them a platform to make their voices heard. From environmental stakeholders, eco-friendly businesses, NGO’s, research institutes and schools, their aim is to spark enthusiasm about working towards a green future. The event will host workshops, entertainment, environmental education, guest speakers and vegetarian food and drink. So, If you would like to learn ways to become more sustainable, meet like-minded people, get involved with environmental activities or are looking for a fun day out, then come along! There will be opportunities for participants to sign up for future events focusing on environmental sustainability such as; tree planting, litter picking, restoration projects and field trips.

Save the date: 22 April (Earth Day) – a location is to be confirmed, so stay updated by following their social media accounts. By building a larger environmentally conscious community, there will be a greater impact for positive change. 


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