Natural Click Photography Group The Gambia

Founded in 2017, primarily to showcase photographic work by young creative people in The Gambia.

The purpose or the organisation is to train young people in photography to promote creativity, create the opportunity to show the culture and people to a wider audience, and in the long term to form photographers who can create a livelihood and income through photography.

We are holding regular training sessions – usually on weekends – on topics such as portraiture, landscape, macro photography, studio photography, modelling, weddings, and other events.

The group has quickly attracted a large number of young people, but a “hard core” of about 10 people regularly appearing and participating in training events and outings.

In 2017 we also launched an appeal for donations of digital viewfinder cameras, which also met with enthusiasm and so about 12 cameras were collected for training purposes.

We registered our group as a charitable organization (Charitable Organization N. 2021/C14531) in February 2021 in The Gambia.

We are currently creating and establishing a training program and contact will be sought with a further education institution in order to have the program end in an officially recognized certificate or as an official educational undertaking.

Our photographers are also able to assist you with your event, such as naming ceremonies, weddings and any other event. We have male and female photographers available and they would usually work in a team of two attending an event.
We also have a range of high-quality cameras as well as our own studio equipment.

So why not join us for an outing, some training, just for fun or learn something that may get you ahead in a professional or creative career – or why not hire our team for your event?

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