Dear readers.

Welcome to our September issue!

Welcome to our 12th edition of My Magazine! It is unbelievable how fast one year has passed. However, it was not always easy. We love to create content, meet people, see places and learn about services, but sometimes we faced some tough days, especially when the internet is slow, the light goes off, or weather conditions didn’t allow us to do our planned job. But all struggles and problems pay off when people thank us for what we do in The Gambia for tourism and businesses. And we promise you that we will not stop. More content is coming in the following years, better videos, and more photos of our beautiful Smiling Coast of Africa.

In this issue you will learn about the new show coming up on the stage of Ebunjan theatre; Kings & Queens, a story of a juice man who is feeding street animals, Gambian female artist Miss Jobizz, Viva La Gambia collaboration businesses part ll and our regular Through the eyes of Mam Jarra column. 

In the “Top of the month” section, Melissa from Yoga Bliss Gambia talks about the power of breath. You will also know more about the weather in September, how to prepare the traditional dish – pepper soup, jackfruit as a fruit of the month, findi as part of grains of The Gambia column, why you should bring big valet with you and more about interrogative pronounce in our monthly dictionary.

We explored many places for the September issue, starting at Kasumai BBQ & steak house, the most famous place in The Gambia for meat lovers. Bintang Bolong Lodge has a new boat, and we explored the river with them. Fantastic experience. Interesting in nightlife in The Gambia? You will find a mini-guide of nightclubs in this issue. Urska, a volunteer who recently attended a summer camp organized by the Travel as Volunteer to The Gambia project, shared photos for the Through the lens section. As we are in Corona and off-season time, we prepared a helpful guide of the currently opened places. You will also find ideas for day trips in The Gambia. And we have three suggestions for slightly different activities: join local women in domestic work, experience a quad bike excursion in Sanyang or explore Dakar on a 5 days trip from The Gambia (Tamala Beach Resort).

In the “Learn About” section, we introduce Limo Service, which offers a different way of transportation and a place to celebrate your birthday party, wedding or business meeting. Haven’t heard of APS Nduga service? You will learn about their service, which helps to bring goods directly to the families and loved ones in The Gambia. Are you a football fan? Learn about Naweetan, the most famous local football competition in The Gambia. Interested in exploring The Gambia by foot? Learn about Baobab river trails in this issue. You will also find interesting articles about how a local broom is made, how women prepare baobab ice, the story behind the Kurupubaa mask, how rain brings life to the fields of upcountry and how things are measured in The Gambia.

“My Charity” section has five interesting articles this month! Volunteering opportunities, lighting up a village, waste management sensitization, documentary about Smiling Child school and a race to protect Gambia’s wildlife.

Check the “In focus” section for the news, updates about places opening and closing, upcoming events, photographer of the year award and Gambian chef to attend the international cooking competition.

Enjoy reading, listening and watching.

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