The eye never forgets what heart has seen.

-African proverb

Dear readers, 

welcome to My Magazine’s March online edition.

As you turn the pages to March’s Issue, we are thrilled that you too have knowingly or unknowingly chosen to celebrate 180 days of bringing you exciting content about The Gambia, its people and places.

Six issues in, we cannot even begin to describe the euphoria that comes with the release of each one. We’ve shared many inspiring conversations, hundreds of images, videos and information about our wonderful country. Publishing this magazine from the land of smiling people, that is The Gambia, which is home to only 2 million people from different tribes and nationalities from across the world, has given us an incredible opportunity to share with whomever we meet why The Gambia should be added to their bucket list.

Do you dream of travelling to far-off places but daunted by the idea of charting new and unfamiliar territory? Are you the kind of person who wants everything organized first but does not wish to be stifled by a package tour that will force you to travel with at least 20 other guests?

My Magazine might be just the perfect guide for you! Your time, your most valuable asset, will be fulfilled with creative suggestions about where to go and what to do. You will know you are making the right choice by choosing us because we are spending a lot of time on the road ourselves, scouting out accommodation places, deepening relationships with locals involved, and finding places to eat and enjoy.

We are excited to be a conduit by which you can experience a lot of what you read about on our pages.

Thank you to all our readers from all over the world who keep us going by reading what we share and in turn, supporting the people and brands behind some incredible experiences across The Gambia.

The continent awaits us all! Let’s journey together!

Team My Gambia

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