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Here is our June issue of My Magazine! Our 9th issue of the online magazine we create for you and all Gambian based businesses and people.

Our content is reaching as far as Australia, America and Europe. We are receiving very positive feedback from The Gambia and all over the world. And we are honoured that even some Gambian consuls working abroad have seen and noticed our efforts towards promoting The Gambia. And took time to send a positive e-mail to us.

June’s issue is as fantastic as all others. We got so many new stories and information for you. Creating this content is really easy and fun because we enjoy every minute of it, so we want it for you.

We will go deeper and broader in our following issues to reach more readers and potential visitors as we are upgrading our media kit and expanding our team. And finally, we can announce that a long-waiting booking system will be possible from 1st of September.

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