2020 was a year like no other and it will certainly join the list of extraordinary historical years.

We believe 2021 will be better in all the aspects: life, business, medical, travel, etc.

What we wish for you is that no matter what happens in 2021, you do not stop chasing your dreams, being thankful and achieving your goals. You may have to take different route, change your business plan, move to another country, begin an online educational course, look for a job or something else which you may have not planned. But take it as an opportunity for a new beginning, be thankful for a challenge that will help you to grow on a personal and business level, admire the time you got to make something for yourself and never forget that there are people who may not have the same life or opportunities as you do.

Setting up the goals could be a very useful way to actually achieve them. Do not forget to be very detailed when setting up your goals:

  • what is your goal
  • why do you want to achieve it
  • who else will benefit from you achieving your goal

Your life and work may be an inspiration to others. Some will never tell you that you have changed their life journey, but you are not doing it for applause but for a cause. Sometimes things are hard for you, but these are the opportunities and challenges that you must go through to offer more, with greater power and higher level. This is your best way for self-growth and to develop your skills and abilities which help you to achieve your goals.

Never forget that you are an amazing person with great talents, knowledge, experiences, character, and personality. You are making an impact on people’s lives. And your own.

My Gambia team wish you all the best in 2021!

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