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My Magazine’s first online monthly issue is in front of you! 

Every day we are given a new 24 hours to make new decisions and in these difficult and uncertain times, we have decided we need to take a step forward and start building bridges today that we will be able to cross in the future when the Covid-19 situation calms down.

Gambia today …

For The Gambia, which is the smallest country of the African continent, the past tourist season has been one of the most difficult in the last decade and this, as you probably already know, is still going on. Before the Covid-19 strike, the giant Thomas Cook – one of the leading tour operators, by the number of tourists brought from the United Kingdom – collapsed. The consequences were that the Gambian accommodation providers and everybody else directly or indirectly connected to tourism suffered.
Then, in March, the tourist season came to a complete stand still as Covid-19 spread around the world. Despite the fact that the number of visitors decreases significantly every year from April to October, they still come to the smiling coast throughout the year. The so-called green season (also called rainy or low-season) has its advantages and disadvantages, as does the high season, and we will present the main misconceptions about the low-season in detail in the following editions. It is clear, however, that we have never faced such a situation before. It is new a new challenge, not only for The Gambia, but for the whole world.
Even during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (2014-2016), which did not spread across the Gambia but it affected travelling to this part of the world; tourism in the Gambia did not suffer such dire consequences as it does today.

We believe that this difficult period for The Gambia (and the whole world) is offering an opportunity to promote tourism of The Gambia in a new, different way which will have a positive impact on residents, environment and business opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies.

And with that, we will attract more visitors who are interested in river trips, exploring the history, festivals and events in the villages, animals in natural habitat, traditional music, African dance, village life, nature, cycling tours, fishing in a small and quiet places, spending their honeymoon in The Gambia, art and crafts, traditional dyeing techniques, kayaking, surfing, yoga retreats, volunteering and so much more! And we believe that The Gambia can offer a unique and meaningful experience like no other African country.
Yes, there are 3 reasons to visit The Gambia throughout the year; sun, sea & sand. And there are 97 and more additional reasons why you should choose Gambia as your first destination after Covid-19.

The Gambia can offer unique and meaningful experience like no other African country.

Now it’s time for …

We believe now is the time to use our online tools to positively influence national growth, improve sustainable tourism, expand the eco offer, promote Gambia in a different, new way, increase the number of visitors in the future, improve offers and services, offer consulting, we focus on fair payment for services and support projects that will benefit everyone, both locals and visitors.
Now is the time to present the stories of Gambians who contribute to improvements on a daily basis, strive to implement innovations, constantly seek improvements, connect with local and international companies and make sure the country is developing.
It is time for the voices from The Gambia to be heard, for talents to be recognised, for offers to be seen, for places to be discovered, for music and dance to be experienced, for culture to be written, for food to be tasted and for nature to be felt.
It’s time for the world to get to know the Gambian hidden gems and decorate their African experience with them.

It’s time for the world to get to know the Gambian hidden gems and decorate their African experience with them.

These are the main reasons why we have decided to take a step forward and present all this to you in the form of a monthly online magazine.

My Magazine will take you on a journey around and inside of The Gambia. Our categories will cover history, fashion, ideas for trips, dining guide, accommodation options, river trips, village life, culture, music, recipes, luxury getaways, wedding and honeymoon options, products made in The Gambia, young entrepreneurs and so much more.

Our Desire is …

Our desire is to make a positive impact on the country, publish the stories of smiling people, inspire visitors, support businesses and entrepreneurs, learn about products made in The Gambia, and contribute to protecting the environment.

We hope that the information and articles you read in our magazine will benefit you, inspire you and increase your desire to visit the smiling coast of West Africa.

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