My Magazine birthday giveaway

There is no celebration without giveaways on MyGambia platform. For our first anniversary of My Magazine, we decided to support some musicians and artists by giving out their tickets for upcoming events.

Here come nice events! We’re so excited!

Barhama Cham is launching this first solo album dubbed I Am Barhama on Saturday the 23rd of October, 2021 at the Qcity in Bijilo. The concert will be a ground where music is used to celebrate peace and to entertain while educating people about the importance of peace and harmony.
Kalajula the album is a concert of Gambia’s finest female artist Miss Jobizz featuring a night of ambience, dance and love.
VIP tickets for our followers who would like to enjoy a concert of many young and special artists.
Weekly Shows Every Wednesday at 8.30pm
from 3rd of November to 27th of April 2022
👉 5 singers
👉 4 drummers
👉 5 acrobatics
👉 16 dancers

Tickets now available!

We will share information about how to win this giveaway on our Facebook page, so make sure you are following us.

Thank you for your immense support throughout the journey.


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