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When you leave The Gambia, as the plane lifts, you feel that you are not only leaving a continent, but you are also leaving people, good vibes and a state of mind. So many visitors to the smiling coast of Africa never feel the same again when they return home. Whatever awaits you at the other end of your journey, you will never forget your journey to The Gambia.

We talked about 31 reasons why you should choose The Gambia as your next travel destination in our previous issue. But there are so many other reasons to visit our beautiful country.

Giant buildings, big capital cities, 2 storey museums with rich collections from all over the world, high towers, world-known palaces and monuments, bridges, cathedrals, operas, arenas and much more are the reasons for people visiting certain destinations.

The Gambia is different.

It is the smallest African continent country and has the smallest capital in Africa. If you ask us, we think this is the most unique capital in the world.
You can experience the country where mass tourism has not spoiled everything yet and the country, which is economically less developed, yet unique because of that. Materialism and development have not left their impact just yet.

The country, which is also called The Smiling Coast of Africa, will offer you great hospitality. Culture and traditions accompanied with the rhythm of the drums will take you away to the world where time runs slowly, where one doesn’t care about burning African sun, where everybody sings and dances without greater purpose, where by-passers give away free smiles, where help will be offered by every stranger, where locals will share with you the last cup of rice, where you will meet the world you have never seen before.

The Gambia is definitely different and the best choice for Africa’s first comers. The country and its people will welcome you with open arms, guide you around and help you to create unforgettable memories.

We believe that every explorer must put The Gambia on their bucket list.
We aim to bring you the pulse of destination Gambia, right up to where we are currently rooted, connecting you with the stories of individuals that inspire us to do better so we can be better.

To the incredible hotels, restaurants and attractions that have contributed to tourism offer and to the amazing personalities and entrepreneurs who share their journey with our readers, My Magazine is becoming so much more because you are!

To our readers; we are so incredibly encouraged by your messages and positive reviews. Thank you again and again! To all of us – the world is slowly shaking off the turmoil of seasons past, and so start planning to venture out and explore more of the world beyond yours. Whether you are Africa bound, or thinking to take a bit of an escape to a lot of sun and sand, stay with us! We have tonnes of travel inspiration to get you thinking about where next you should be exploring.

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