Dear readers! 
It is our pleasure to welcome you in The Gambia again.

We have found ourselves in extraordinary times, but you, our valued followers and readers, you have shown us that people did not lose their desire to travel.
In fact, we believe your desire to visit The Smiling Coast of Africa has now became even bigger.

Many of you can not wait to return back to your second home, to your families, friends, business and many of you can not wait to visit your chosen destination for the first time. None of us could ever imagine that we won’t be able to travel freely in the 21st century since logistically, everything was supposed to be more accessible, easier and cheaper than ever before. But at least, we have been able to keep in touch with all of you via social media, YouTube channel and our website. We are once again thanking you for being the best ambassadors and contributors to My Gambia.

The Gambia has opened airspace on the 30th of October under strict rules and measures.
At the moment of writing this information, 2 airline companies are flying to the Gambia on regular basis; Brussels airlines (twice per week) and Turkish Airlines (once per week). Also, Royal Air Maroc will be resuming flights in December. We hope and believe that situation in the world will stabilize as soon as possible so we will live and travel normally again.

The personal health and safety of Gambians and visitors remain Gambia’s top priority.
This is a crucial step in restarting the tourism industry in one of the fastest growing travel destinations. The tourism industry has played an important role in our economy and the loss of international visitors has left concerning consequences.

We know and understand that it will take time to travel and live normal again but let us all look for the reasons to smile in daily lives so we can overcome current situation easier.

We wish you all a safe travel and pleasant stay in The Gambia.

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