My Gambia introduces My Charity

The world is a beautiful place should we seek out that beauty, but The Gambia is very special for us! Words can’t describe the places, the smells, the textures, the diversity of people and languages, the heart and the desire we believe citizens of The Gambia carry to witness a brighter future.

And so, this is where we find ourselves as the My Gambia team, doing what we can to share our reasons to believe in the country, its people and projects.

We seek to contribute towards the transformation and development of The Gambia by functioning also as a platform that connects people of diverse origins to the essence of working together for a better world.

By creating interesting content, My Magazine seeks to be the voice for the unheard stories, wildlife, and environmental solutions.

By organizing fundraising campaigns and volunteering opportunities, My Charity’s activities will give back to the community and the country we live in. We will support projects that will impact locals, animals, the environment, and visitors.

Thinking about how to give back or volunteer on your holidays? You are at the right place! We believe travel can change lives simply by linking your passions of travelling and charity.

Would you like to join us in The Gambia?

Send e-mail to

Volunteering opportunities and fundraising campaigns will be published soon. 


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