My Farm introducing LUMO event

My Farm - Gambia is a part of the Norwegian Foundation Africa Startup´s project. On the 5th and 6th of December they are hosting LUMO event, which will combine many different activities including market stalls with farm produce, art exhibitions, creative sessions, performing arts, face painting, animal watching, games and more. And the best thing is – there is NO ENTRANCE FEE!

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Weather in December

December is one of the most favourable months of the peak tourism season. This is mostly because of the climate. The air becomes more breathable, in the evenings and mornings there is a fresh feel, but still there is plenty of sun during the day and also, sea is very inviting with 24°C or more.

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Gunjur Village Museum

If you have never been to Gunjur Village Museum, you are in for a treat. Tucked away in the beautiful south of Gambia in Gunjur village, this charming little museum is a real gem, and gives a wonderful insight into the traditions, nature, history and local life in Gambia.

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Get to know many different reptiles

The reptile farm is an institution privately owned but working with the government. The aims are to participate in research, collecting data or samples, to help preserving the natural fauna in the Gambia, and mainly to help Gambian live in peace with their wild population of reptiles in general and snakes in particular.

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