Life-guard Watchtower Fundraising follow up

WOW WOW WOW! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You have touched our hearts. In these difficult COVID times when we have so many demands on our money, you guys DELIVERED.

We knew it was a big ask but you showed The Gambia that TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG.

In less than a month you raised D50,000 needed to build this watchtower, this is TRULY AMAZING.

So now our next step:

Kath from amaZing bar, Jasmina and Ursa from My Gambia and Modou Lamin from the Red Dolphins are the watchtower committee.

We are going to coordinate with the carpenter to build the tower at amaZING bar, Bijilo.

We are hoping that the work will be completed before Ramadan and we can officially hand over the new tower to the Red Dolphins Association (RDA). This alone will make an immediate impact on the safety of bathers in this area.

2. At this stage spaces for advertising will be available. Prices from D12,000 per year. If businesses take this opportunity to advertise, then this money will be used by the RDA to be self-sufficient (providing salaries, maintenance for equipment, training and much more).

For all your businesses out there who want to advertise, all you have to do is create your advert in a durable material to the size.

Locations for adverts will be at Solomon’s/ New Bailey’s beach bars watchtower (Palma Rima) as well as the new one at amaZING beach bar Bijilo.



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