Interview with the woman of many dreams, Annie E. Lusack

Annie is a woman of many talents and a big passion for new projects. Apart from her job as a teacher in the international school, she launched her own business, named Annie's Honey, where she sells honey products. She is a writer and founder of a business group for women, where she is trying to empower women and share her experiences in the business world to push them to aspire to their dreams.

Her first project, which she started in 2019 was Annie’s Honey. Annie got inspiration for Annie’s Honey while watching a cartoon with her nephews. It was about the bees, being angry with people, because of destroying their environment. This is how she got an idea. She said: “I believe, if I have an inspiration, I have to work with it fast, if not, I would be lazy and it would not be interesting and I wouldn’t be excited anymore”.

When talking about her products, she started with only the honey jar now she has products such as honey cream, honey lip balm, soap, and even peanut butter honey blend. 

For now, she doesn’t process the honey herself. She is buying the products from the local beekeepers and rebranding them as Annie’s Honey products. She hopes, one day, she will have her own land with beehives where she will be able to produce her own products. 

She has also written a book of inspiring quotations. She tells us, the inspiration for Annie’s Honey and the writing of a book came at the same time so she had a double launching. The idea came to her in her dream. She has been collecting quotations since 2018, writing them down on her phone, later publishing them in the book. In August 2020, she has published the second book, which is a continuation of the first one.  

But this is not the only thing she does. She is involved in many other projects. She has a business group and she organizes seminars for women. As she was launching the book and starting her own company, she got another inspiration to organize a seminar, workshop, to encourage women in business. She is not doing it for women that have already made it. She is trying to include them as the mentors. But seminars are there for the women that are just starting up. She says, some of them are very creative and they are doing much better than those, already known in the market, so people should know about them too. The first seminar, which took place last year, was a whole-day, ladies had a panel discussion and speakers, even from other countries. This year Annie is planning to organize it again and it is coming up on the 6th March. She is also organizing a conference in her church titled the Broken women. She says there are many broken women, which go through a lot and they don’t have a platform to share it. Another thing she does and enjoys is worship dance, which is connected with the Christian religion.   

She realized you can do a lot when you are alone. She used to think she will start fulfilling her purpose when she gets married, but it is good to set a foundation and later find a person who would support you.  

Her customers come from church, neighborhood, workplace, or are her friends and family. But she also does a lot of promotion of her products on Facebook and Instagram pages and gains customers this way. She knows well, that social media is a very strong tool for promotion. 

Her dad was an electrician, her mother a nurse. They had a small shop when she was younger, so she thinks maybe her lust for the business came from that site. Since her family was not really business oriented, she doesn’t really know where did this thirst for entrepreneurship come from. She just always felt inspired and she wanted to realize it. 

When asked what is leadership in her opinion and what kind of leader is she is, she explained, there are three types of leaders. The one that is a boss and is walking in front of you, the leader who helps and walks by your side, and the one behind, who is guiding you and supporting you on your way. She is trying to be the one in the back. She knows she cannot do everything alone, so she is inviting other people to help. She would be the one to organize and then give away the roles. She is always trying to find new talents and showcase them. 

The biggest challenge for her came in 2017 when her mother died after her father, who died in 2013. She taught her life crumbled and she lost her anchor. Later she allowed herself to dedicate her life to Christ and since then, a lot of good things happened. 

On the 5th of October she launched a foundation called Roses nest foundation. The foundation is named after her mother and is a shelter for broken women. It’s a shelter for disappointed women, women that believe they cannot do it, single-parent women, widows, beggars, prostitutes. This foundation is a place, where women can come and train for 6 months, learn vocational skills, learn horticulture, braiding hair, tailoring. It also is a healing place for emotional distress. It is a place to share their stories and inspire others. 

She believes, that if you are creating, people will support you and patronize you. So, if you have a small-scale business you never know who will see you and promote you. It is always good to do something, even a small-scale business than to sit and be considered lazy. Therefore they (broken women) need support. 

They will be willing to accept volunteers in the foundation and also students who will come and work through the studies as well as women from foreign countries to come and share their skills. 

In five years’ time, she sees herself having her own business. She wants to have a big land where she will be able to have a beehive to create her own products. Before she is 40, she wants to have her own business and never work for someone else again. In a few years’ time, she also wants to have her own school. She has been in the field of teaching for 7 years and she sees herself as the owner of her own international school. Another thing she wants to have is her own dancing school. 

Her message to the world is: “Once you dream it you can achieve it”. 

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