Ideas for half day and full day trips

The Gambia is the smallest country on the mainland of Africa. It is located in the West African region. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean in the West and Senegal from all other sides, but it still retains its own clear identity.
The unique charm lies in its smallness which enables visitors to get a deeper insight into the lives of people, culture, daily life, customs, wildlife, and communities.
All though we believe that the deeper upcountry you go more authentic your experience of a real Gambia will be, there are some exciting day trips that you can take and create unforgettable memories.

Bintang Bolong Boat Cruise

Bintang Bolong Lodge is a famous lodge in the village of Foni, Bintang. The lodge is built along the river Gambia where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of the village. Bintang Bolong Lodge now offers a relaxing boat cruise with their brand-new boat. The trip usually takes three hours, and you can decide on a package including breakfast and lunch or lunch only.

Trip to Banjul

When talking about capital cities, one would typically imagine a big, busy metropolis with plenty of high buildings, heavy traffic and a majestic main square. But in our case, Banjul is the total opposite of this image. This small yet unique capital is perfect for a half-day trip to feel the city’s pulse, learn about history and do shopping on the market.

Explore Tanji

Tanji is a village located on the Atlantic coast with a strong tradition of fishing. Tanju is a great place to spend a day or two. Here you are able to get active on the river, lazy by the beach or feed your artistic soul at the art gallery. We prepared the whole list of things to do and see and listing of the restaurants and bar to get yourself a nice meal and drink.

Relax by the river

Whilst you enjoy the sunny beaches of the coastal part of The Gambia, don’t forget to consider traveling up country to enjoy a day, two or three by the mighty river Gambia. Whether you want to relax and enjoy in the quiet nature environment or get busy with exploring and recreation activities, we can offer you a perfect suggestion of where to go. Learn more 

Explore Bakau

Brimming with life, its population doubling every decade or so, Bakau is an overgrown village that’s part shantytown, part desirable suburb, and part coastal resort. Spread over Kombo’s northernmost point, twelve kilometres from Banjul, Bakau includes busy, noisy Bakau Old Town, the salubrious Cape Point area, the less affluent Bakau New Town, and the elegant oceanside properties of Atlantic Road, which continues into Fajara.

Explore history

Following the footsteps of slavery, Kunta Kinteh is one of the significant memorials of the dark ages. Visiting the museum of slavery in Albreda and stepping on the vanishing island of one of the most known names in the history of slavery, will not leave you senseless.

Taste of South Gambia

If you are interested to have an insight into a daily life of locals, animals, history, nature, religion, culture and love good food then this is a perfect trip for you. This excursion is part of our tours with purpose project. All people contributing to your experience on this trip make earnings directly on the spot.

Birdwatching with Sulayman

Sulayman Jabang is a man with a passion for nature and animals, especially birds. Born and raised Gunjurian with an educational background in the technical school has always felt interested in birdlife. Gunjur Kombo South District, as one of the most environmentally aware regions of The Gambia, made it easier for him to follow his desire to become a professional birdwatching guide.
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Open all year round, Viper Sport Fishing boats leave directly from the beach at Kotu next to New Dominos Beach Bar and Restaurant. Unlike the fishing from Denton Bridge they can reach the reefs in minutes to start reeling in the fish. If you love fishing, then this is surely one of the best ideas for half day or full day trip.
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Gambia kayaking

Long sandy beaches, warm temperatures, colourful culture and smiling people are just a few reasons why the Gambia is one of the destinations you can visit throughout the year. No matter how you decide to spend your vacation in The Gambia, we invite you to consider taking your time to drift away from the beach area for a while.

Quad bike excursion

Jatta Easy Quad offers a unique opportunity for four wheelers’ lovers, providing beachside quad rentals and guiding tours in Sanyang at Paradise Beach. The company was founded in 2018 by Warren “Abubakar” Barrett, which decided to showcase the beauty of sweet Sanyang to the rest of the world from a different perspective. He rode personal quad bikes through various routes and figured this might be an exciting view for the travelers as well.

Muslim sacred site

The Muslim sacred site popularly called in Mandinka Kenye-Kenye Jaamengo, Sandy Mosque is considered to be the location of one of the 7 world points and a divine setting inhabited by the pious spirit saints of highest distinction with ability to disperse blessing and function in an intercessory capacity for those in need.
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Nyamina Forest

Nyamina Forest holds some of the most pristine and dense forest left in the Kombos. It was left unharmed because of the Lamin F. Janneh who managed to convince his family to establish a forest preservation foundation. Janneh-Koto Foundation today is trying to make the forest an ecotourism site, which can offer many sustainable experiences to the visitors and volunteers.
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Makasutu Cultural Forest

Makasutu is a forest comprises of many different ecosystems. It is home to hundreds of species of birds and monkeys, monitor lizards and many more. They also offer drinks, food and activities such as river trips in traditional dugout canoes, cultural performances, forest walk, birdwatching, animal observation and more.

Serrekunda market

It is a traditional market, where locals from the nearby communities meet to trade goods, in a community-like atmosphere that offer a glimpse into Gambian culture. Known for being one of the oldest markets in The Gambia, Serrekunda market has become a profound cultural destination that sits proudly at the top of the list of places to visit in The Gambia, making it a memorable stop for travellers.

Enjoy time with locals and create your own souvenir

Saine Pottery

Saine Pottery is proud to be Gambia’s first pottery studio, established in 1980. It was founded by Idrisa Saine. He travelled to many countries to learn this craft, from Norway, Indonesia, to England. He later ended up in the Gambia as the first modern potter. Saine Pottery is located at Brikama Kémbujé.

Tie & dye

The traditional technique of fabric dyeing called tie-dye has been practised for several centuries in The Gambia. Before the introduction of chemical dye, people used natural products to extract colours used to create colourful fabrics with different patterns of uncoloured space designed by various types of material tying and dipping it to the colour mixture.

Spend a day in Brikama

Do you want to spend a day which will be a little bit different from classical sightseeing or lying on the beach? Do you want to see how much of a creative person you are? Then this will be the right choice for you — a day with local craftsmen in Brikama.

Visit Mama Africa Art gallery

Mrs. Isha Fofana is a Gambian woman, mother of four, and an incredible artist. She has entered the art world 30 years ago and does not plan on ever leaving it. Gambian women, their colours, resilience, and hard work is what inspire Mrs. Fofana the most. She enjoys playing with colours, music, and fashion style. She sees art in everything that surrounds her. Only the eye of a true artist can do so. Through the years, she became more aware of people’s choice of clothes, jewellery, colours, but she especially pays attention to natural colours and materials. She believes her talent is God’s gift.

Are you coming to The Gambia with children?

More and more families are looking for new destinations for their holidays. In the fast pace of life in a material world, parents strive to enrich their children with a unique experience. Time spent with children is never wasted. However, if children learn something new about another culture, way of life, animals, music, and village customs on their trip, this is precious knowledge for life.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information, contacts or you want to book your experience.


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