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October issue

Hypolink Village is an exclusive, modern day, African Village which offers its guests a home-away-from-home experience in a luxurious, eco-friendly resort aiming to achieve a sustainable environment on a beautiful tree covered property in Kololi, The Gambia.

The resort has a domed restaurant which is entirely made of compressed earth blocks, with 100% materials sought from local quarries. The entire resort is made from mostly natural materials, and overall, only 4% of the materials utilized in its construction are cement.

The garden boasts an eco-friendly environment, offering opportunities to observe a range of beautiful birdlife. There is even a peacock in residence!

Many different varieties of plants have been identified and labelled, with the help of a local expert and traditional medicine practitioner Mr Salieu Puye. Hypolink’s gardens have plants used for both food and medicines such as: Sugarcane, Star fruit, Eucalyptus tree Calabash tree, Lime tree, Guava tree, Breadfruit, Asthma weed, Mango, Lemongrass, Papaya,u00a0 Bamboo, Casuarina, Avocado, and a variety of lesser known herbs with a range of medicinal benefits.

In addition to this, HYPOLINK has introduced Cacao from Sierra Leone into The Gambia.

Annually, young plants are grown from the seeds of our trees and given freely within the community in order to propagate their use back into the community.

All these plants have been listed, and guests can take a video tour of the resort, with a booklet to take away.

There is also a fresh-water pond which has over a hundred breeding tilapias and one day will be extended into a fish farm.

Hypolink has a grass thatched round hut with small separate areas outside for running workshops, and here you may find local artisans teaching anything from basket weaving to batik to traditional music, or other classes based on local creative and artistic pursuits.

The aim of the resort is that it should reflect the wider community and the green credentials that Gambia has to offer in order that tourists can truly experience Gambia in its natural form.

You can make bookings for stays or workshops through the contacts listed below.

Contact Details

HYPOLINK Village Resort
Bertil Harding Highway, (Palma Rima Junction), Kololi, The Gambia
WhatsApp: +220 788 9883 (Gambia) or +44 (0) 7444 337 980 (London)


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