Happening in June: Summer Bazaar at YOSH Restaurant

Mark your calendars for Summer Bazaar! Shopping stalls with crafty and unique products, delicious food, music, hanging out with friends, workshops for kids and more!


At YOSH restaurant at Fajara
outdoor -ground floor
indoor – 1st floor


19th of June & 20th of June

What time?

From 11 am to 6 pm (both days)




🎁 Come and shop with lots of local vendors and artists for all your holiday needs.
🎁 Get your unique gifts
🎁 Experience the charm of Spring Bazaar
🎁 Enjoy delicious food and drinks
🎁 Workshops for children
🎁 Desserts to buy and take home
🎁 Festive decorations

Check out our previous bazaars' mood
Workshops for children

ASCAB Capoeira Gambia is an African Society of Capoeira and Arts from Brazil. 

Using the power of sports to educate and empower youth to take action in caring for the environment through tree planting.

Meet our vendors

Yaws is an outfit that drives for art and design through fashion (Unisex), Decor, Stage setup and Events, just to name a few.

Yoga Bliss Creation provides homemade Asian condiments, colourful handmade gift bags, reusable wax wraps, and other creations.

We offer varieties of creative, unique and innovative handmade and homemade items made locally, focusing on African inspired materials from countries around the continent.

We are a natural hair and skincare company that aims to provide wholesome products that are friendly to both the user and the environment.

I am a mom but also enjoy doing crafts. I create decorations from cement and shells to bring a feel of sea to your place. 

Saraba, the Healing Garden is a sustainable project for a better future. Come and find vegetables and fruits fresh from the garden!

My handmade artwork is a traditional wood carving craft. I mostly create sculptures presenting African life, people and their faces, masks, animals and other motives.

Browse through a wide selection of African fabric designs, accessories, baskets, jewellery and home decorations.

Handmade gold and silversmith jewellery in traditional designs. Find your bangle, necklace, ring or bracelet in a wide shiny selection.

Made by traditional weaving techniques with a loom, Ousman is creating amazing bags and decorations from handmade woven textiles.

A colourful selection of clothing designs for him and her!

Enjoy delicious snacks, lemonade or ginger juice, the best chocolate cake and cookies. Food made with passion.

Ideal natural products of different types. Delicious smoothies made by your selection of fruit and coconut-ginger cake are our fans’ top 2 products.
Beachwear & toys, cosmetic gifts, jewellery & bags, home accessories, artworks, birthday, valentine, wedding, Christmas gifts, Gambian handmade items.

Gorgeous & cute trendy summer tops. Handmade, crochet from a cotton blend and acrylic blends. Different styles and sizes available.

Unique handmade jewellery, practical bags from recycled materials, mixed with authentic local fabrics and different selection of home decor.
Africa Startup is a Foundation with the mission to improve livelihoods in Africa and around the world. On the bazaar, you will be able to check their natural products and gift baskets

Browse through varieties of pure, fresh forest honey products, such as honey, peanut & honey blend, honey cream, honey soap and honey lip balm.

Muna’s Gift Shop is a place where you will find many Gambian pattern textiles and gifts for your loved ones. 

Find natural products for all your facial and body treatment, massage, pedicure/manicure, etc.

Casual wear, footwear, and bags. We also engage in the recycling of plastic bottles, wine bottles, calabash and coconut shell and transform them into elegant interior deco.

Fashion pieces made from hand woven materials.

Unique gifts, toys for children, clothes, shoes, kitchen gadgeds, home decor and many more!

Koz jameel is a natural oil processing company that produces virgin coconut oil from their fresh matured fruits. Natural with no additives added. Gambian made.

Bespoke handmade leather bags made from the finest leathers and craftsmen from The Gambia.

Unique traditional clothing with a modern style.

Reck Natural Hair Salon does what it’s name implies: we treat and care for all natural hair types, including those with permed hair who wish to transition, using organic products such as herbs, chebe etc.

Unique gifts, toys for children, clothes, shoes, kitchen gadgets, home décor and many more!

Gambian owned business selling new and nearly new European fashions and accessories for adults and children.

Your favorite Plantain Chips.

Urban afro clothing is the top online clothing store for men and women. With high quality goods T-Shirts, Sweaters and more. Cheap & affordable clothing online.

Tuti’s fabric is a dealer In all kinds of quality fabrics and also do designs of all kinds which includes both African and European styles. We also engage in fashion collection.

I make handmade accessories such as scrunchies, headbands, beaded slippers, aprons, mini shopping bags and more.

O’kaza – The perfect taste of the spicy chilly sauce.

Unique designs for you!

Skincare for men, women and kids. Products such as black soap, toning soap, body scrub and shea body butter help treat skin problems such as pimples, blemishes, sunburns and aging skin. African wears for man and women also available.

Black Healing Skin Essentials is an all-natural skin care line that caters for black skin problems. With Black Healing there is always Healing!

Saine Pottery is producing household products out of clay, such as incense burner, flower vases and many more. They also offer classes for schools and visitors.

Check out handcrafts made by Synbeauty. Beaded keyholders, decorated bottles, beaded purses and clutches are just few of the things you will find on our stall.

Food and beverage to please your taste buds.

For all your unique African inspired handmade products.

Labaado is a brand that sells contemporary African ready wear. The brand is organized as a social enterprise, empowering young local tailors in our society. The brand is partnering with 15 young tailors as well as training 23 women and girls.

Native Spice is a brand that originates from the herbs and food verities that make up the flavors of The Gambia and a dash of comforting homemade Norwegian dishes, with a hint of mouth-watering Italian flavors.

Best cashew nuts in The Gambia!

Ariyam is a brand born out of passion for African fabrics and craft.. we make and sell affordable accessories​,home decorations and apparel



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