Green Gambia

October issue

My beautiful green piece of the world.

One of the positive sides of 2020 is certainly that this year’s rainy season is really rainy. It hasn’t rained as much in years as it is this year. According to the elderly, there has not been such a rainy season for more than a decade. Farmers have been eagerly waiting for the rain every summer, and this year it has been raining since June.

There are also many waves of long-lasting rainstorms; it can be raining even for 10 hours and more continuously. That wasn’t very common in the last 10 to 15 summers. So far, we were likely to complain that many European countries have a rainy season instead of The Gambia, for which raining is typical in that time of the year.

With the rain, The Gambia turns into a beautiful, fertile green country. Birds of all colors, sizes and sounds enjoy the nature. Everything is blooming, fruit is growing on the trees and vegetables are growing in the fields. Dust is cleared from the air, from the streets and from the leaves. Animals enjoy the fruits of  the nature. The sky reveals beautiful colors along with occasional spectacular storms and lightning.

Such a heavy rainy season, however, is less pleasant for people living in modest dwellings. And the roads sometimes become unpassable as they turn into rivers. During the evening rain, a lot of damage is also done to houses and roads.

We want to share some beautiful images of this year’s rainy season with you.


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